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Infrared Photograph: Cows_tree

Cows sheltering under a tree

There is a water meadow on the outskirts of Godalming. It floods so often that it has been mistaken for a lake many times. This time the river was well-behaved. As the day was sunny a group of cows were taking their bovine ease under the shelter of a tree on the opposite bank. You can see the clean horizontal line of the bottom of the leaves ... as high as the cattle can reach.

A polariser as well as a yellow filter deepens the infrared effect since a polariser is pretty well transparent to near infrared but, of course, drops visible light by 2-3 stops as well as increasing colour saturation by reducing reflections. Under the right circumstances a polariser also deepens the blue of the sky ... adding the that effect from the infrared film.

Photo by Andy Finney

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