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Infrared Photograph: Lift_bridge

Lift Bridge in the Jordaan

The area of Amsterdam 'beyond' the Westermarkt and the Prinsengracht is known as the Jordaan. It used to be rather unruly and one canal was even filled in by the authorities after the Eel Riots. Apparently, the locals used to stand in boats on the canal and fight for control of an eel suspended over the canal on a rope. This was a 19th Century activity and nowadays the Jordaan is much more sedate and up-market.

Besides being the general locale of my favourite brown bar (T'Smalle since you asked) and several excellent restaurants ... and a really good second-hand record store (Flesch - but don't even ask about CDs!) ... the canal banks are lined with houseboats and delightfully varigated architecture. This lift bridge spans one of those canals on the edge of the Jordaan.

Photo by Andy Finney

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