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Infrared Photograph: Windmill

Windmill on Faial

This windmill is at the top of the hill overlooking Horta, the capital of Faial in the Azores. I did very little to the scan, which shows the intense blue sky that is characteristic of colour infra-red film.

For many years Horta has been a staging post for transatlantic travellers. The flying boats used to call in here and the undersea cables briefly surfaced here as well. Every August the town fills with sailors as yachts, crossing between Europe and America, cram into the harbour. The tradition is that each boat leaves a small poster, painted on the harbour wall, as a momento. Eventually they are painted over by later visitors but in one corner of the harbour is a painting that is regularly refreshed and not obliterated ... as a memorial to a yacht that did not reach its destination.

Taken with Infrared Ektachrome film (E-4)

Photo by Andy Finney

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