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New Songs by John Gruen — Georgiana Bannister (Soprano) and John Gruen (Piano)

Alternate sleeve:New Songs by John Gruen

Elektra EKLP 1 (Mono) - Matrix E1 LCC 2237 / E1 LCC 2238

Released: March 1951

Production: Jac Holzman

Engineering: Jac Holzman

Side 1

'Vier Stundenbuch Lieder' by Rilke

  • Da neight sich die Stunde
  • Wenn es nur einmal so ganz stille wäre
  • Lösch mir die Augen aus
  • Was wirst du ton, Gott, wenn ich sterbe?

  • Die Sirenen
  • Hälfte des Lebens

Side 2

Four songs by e e cummings

  • It is at moments After I have Dreamed
  • Spring is Like a Perhaps Hand
  • The Moon is Hiding in
  • O By the By

'Chansons de Geishas' by anonymous Japanese poets

  • Intimité
  • Fleurs qui Tombez
  • O Reves
  • A Peine M'as-Tu Dit
  • Pour une Parole Timide

12-inch album with the company credited as Elektra Records, 54 Maryland Avenue, Annapolis, Maryland

The songs are grouped on the sleeve and labels.

The recording was done in the New York studio of Peter Bartók (son of composer Béla) and the Jac supervised the second, satisfactory, mastering at RCA himself.

A note on the sleeve says: New Songs marks the first release of Elektra Records which shall continue to offer disks of unusual and worthy musical fare.

This disc has also been listed (eg in Schwann June 1953) with the title 'Gruen: Poetry set to Music' but that was almost certainly an invention of the catalogue in the absence of real information.