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Bleeker and MacDougal (The Folk Scene of the 1960's) — Various Artists

Alternate sleeve:Bleeker and MacDougal (The Folk Scene of the 1960's)

Elektra 60381 (Stereo)

Released: 1984

  • Fred Neil: Bleeker and MacDougal
  • Mark Spoelstra: White Winged Dove
  • Bruce Murdoch: Rompin' Rovin' Days
  • Dave Van Ronk: Don't You Leave Me Here
  • Geoff Muldaur: Ginger Man
  • Eric von Schmidt: Blow Whistle Blow
  • Hamilton Camp: Girl from the North Country
  • Patrick Sky: Many a Mile
  • Josh White: One Meat Ball
  • Josh White: Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier
  • Josh White: Free and Equal Blues
  • The Even Dozen Jug Band: On The Road Again
  • Danny Kalb: Hello Baby Blues
  • Koerner, Ray & Glover: Good Time Charlie
  • Koerner, Ray & Glover: Titanic
  • Koerner, Ray & Glover: John Hardy
  • Oscar Brand: Talking Atomic Blues
  • Oscar Brand: Great Selchie of Shule Skerry
  • Will Holt: M T A
  • Tom Paley & Peggy Seeger: Who's Going to Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot
  • Tom Paley: Buck Dancer's Choice
  • Tom Paley: Cuckoo (The)
  • Eric Weissberg: Devil's Dream
  • Eric Weissberg: Nine Hundred Miles
  • Dick Rosmini: Nine Hundred Miles to Go
  • Dick Rosmini: Picker's Medley
  • The Limelighters: If I Had A Hammer
  • The Limelighters: Lonesome Traveller
  • Glenn Yarbrough: House of the Rising Sun
  • Erik Darling: Pretty Polly
  • Erik Darling: Salty Dog
  • The Folksingers: Peter Gray
  • The Travellers 3: Marcella Wahine
  • The Travellers 3: Sinner Man
  • Judy Henske: Wade in the Water
  • Tom Paxton: I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound
  • Tom Paxton: What did you Learn in School Today
  • Tom Paxton: The Last Thing on my Mind
  • Tom Paxton: Daily News
  • Tom Paxton: Ramblin' Boy
  • Tom Paxton: Lyndon Johnson Told The Nation
  • Tom Paxton: Bottle of Wine
  • Phil Ochs: Power and the Glory
  • Phil Ochs: I Ain't Marchin' Anymore
  • Phil Ochs: Here's to the State of Mississippi
  • Phil Ochs: Changes
  • Phil Ochs: Love me I'm a Liberal
  • Phil Ochs: When I'm Gone
  • Judy Collins: Maid of Constant Sorrow
  • Judy Collins: Fannerio
  • Judy Collins: The Bells of Rhymney
  • Judy Collins: Daddy You've Been on my Mind
  • Tom Rush: Urge for Going
  • Tom Rush: Panama Limited
  • Fred Neil: Blues on the Ceiling
  • Fred Neil: Other Side to this Life
  • Fred Neil: A Little Bit of Rain
  • Richard Fariña: House Un-American Blues Activity Dream
  • Richard Fariña: Birmingham Sunday
  • David Blue: Midnight Through Morning
  • David Blue: So Easy She Goes By

Boxed set of 4 LPs in series 'The Jac Holzman Years' with booklet.