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The Canadian Shots

My last visit to Canada seems like an age ago. I decided to take some infrared shots, although I had to buy the film out there as I hadn't brought any with me. Surprisingly it seemed to be impossible to get the colour infrared film and there only seemed to be one shop in Ottawa that stocked the monochrome. However, I got some and ran off a roll.

Museum of Civilisation Ottawa River from Parliament Hill Parliament Hill Ottawa

The three photos above are shots from and of Parliament Hill in Ottawa and the other two are taken at Lake Pemichangan in the Gatineau, a region of Quebec a few hours drive from Ottawa. The photo of the trees makes a particularly good print and the view over the lake was printed in the February 2000 edition of 'Yahoo! Internet Life' magazine. (If you'd like to find out more about this place then check out the Lac Pemichangan Property Owner's Association website. You'll recognise the photo in the masthead.

Trees at Lake Pemichangan Lake Pemichangan

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