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False Colour Infrared Images - Ektachrome (E4)

Chiddingfold Graveyard Faial Caldera Volcanic Intrusion

I have, on the whole, been rather disappointed with the results I have got when shooting with the original (E-4 Process) infrared Ektachrome. I guess I have a better feel for black and white. Sometimes things came out rather better ... and this page includes some of my favourite images. Colour infrared film is, of course, really false colour. The near infrared light is mapped to red, red to green, green to blue and then blue is filtered out. You can get dramatic results by filtering more harshly. [More information]

With one exception, these shots are basically straight scans of the transparencies. I hope you like the results. Click on a thumbnail for a closer look ...

Frensham Swans Ephesus Arena Horta Windmill Oilseedrape field

Tthe older E-4 process stock has now being superseded by a more modern E-6 stock. I have more recently taken some shots with Kodak's E-6 colour infrared film. [See them here and here]

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