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DigiColour ... 'Pseudo-Colour' Digital Infrared

Narrow boat moored on the River Wey Godalming Church Bridge alongside the Wey

The imaging chips used in digital cameras are usually very sensitive to near-infrared light. This ought to make them a dream for us subluminals but this light also spoils normal colour photos. So most cameras block out the infrared to a greater or lesser degree. But with an opaque filter and long exposure times you can often force these cameras to work in infrared despite the blocking filter. These photos are the result of such a tactic and needed exposure times of usually around a second but, on occasion, as long as ten seconds.

Narrow boat moored on the River Wey Eashing Bridge Godalming Church accorss the Lamas Laonds

So where does the colour come from? It's probably small differences in the way the in-built colour filters pass some of the infrared light and/or anomalies due to the sensor working with so little light (rather like film suffers from reciprocity failure with out-of-range exposure times). Different cameras will have different filters and sensors so each camera is likely to give a different result. Click on the thumbnails for a closer look at how my camera performs.

Boats on the River Wey A bend in the River Wey Godalming Church and the Phillips Memorial

All these shots are around my home town of Godalming. The camera was adjusted to give a 'white' image from brightly-lit foliage by setting a custom white balance for a brightly-lit lawn. The images have all been very slightly 'Photoshopped' to counteract low contrast in the image as shot and the bottom-centre shot has also been 'phase-reversed' to give a blue sky ... just to show an alternative look.

There are more local shots on the Surrey and other Foliage and Watts Chapel pages.

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