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False Colour Infrared Images using Kodak E-6 Film

Kodak have now replaced their E-4 process colour infrared film with a new stock which can be developed using E-6. This basically means that it is easier to work with and much easier to get developed since the E-6 process is available from just about every colour lab.

[Teddington Graveyard] [Millstones]

The film can also be processed another way which gives 'more accurate' results which, I assume, are more like the older film. With E-6 processing the new film gives more saturation and contrast than before. The photos above were taken by rating the film at 320 ISO and metering through the lens using a standard yellow filter. An orange filter, as used with the older film, gave just too much red for my taste. In fact, as you can see, there is a superabundance of red here anyway. The film was then processed by my neighbourhood photo lab.

[Jude] [Waverley Bridge] [Waverley Wier]

My thanks to Martin Wood at Kodak Professional UK for supplying the film prior to its general availability. It's not his fault that I took nearly six months to shoot the film and get it on-line. In scanning I have sometimes adjusted the gamma a little but the colour balance is pretty much as recorded. There is a skin-tone shot included if you're interested.

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