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Hong Kong and Japan

HK Harbour from the Peak Bank of China Polin Monastery Polin Buddha

In early autumn 1998 Elaine and I visited Hong Kong and Japan. I had been asked to give a presentation as part of a multimedia conference in Hong Kong and we decided to visit friends in Japan as part of the same trip. The photos are of HK and the Polin Monastery.

Hong Kong's weather was quite good but Japan was disappointing. The light began to go mid-afternoon and the sky was overcast most of the time. As a result I wasn't able to take as many infrared shots in Japan as I expected. Basically, they have British weather over there.

Shimoda Temple Shimoda Kamakura Buddha

Shimoda in Japan is at the south end of the Izu peninsula, about 200 km west of Tokyo. This is where Commander Perry and his black ships arrived and the first American Consulate was set up in Japan. The temple in the photograph (left in the group above) is where the trade treaty of 1854 was signed.

Kamakura is reputedly the best place for temples outside Kyoto, but a dull day stopped me taking many infrared photos there. The statue of Amita Buddha (the rightmost above) has been patiently sitting there since 1252 and was certainly worth a visit.

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