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Wandsworth Park - Views from the Office Window

Office View Old Tree Wandsworth Park

Although the 1998 British summer was, as usual, a little short on sunny days I did manage to get out and about with the camera. This page contains some of the results, mostly from a short session in the park next to our offices at the time. I enlisted the help of Jude as model again and this time tried a couple of close-up shots.Wandsworth Park is quite small: just enough room for a football (soccer) pitch and a couple of paths and trees. The trees are quite mature and since the park lies on the south bank of the Thames the park can provide a pleasant cool place for a walk on a hot day.

Jude close-up Jude big close-up Pier

There is one photo which is not in the park: the one at the far right. That's the result of an expedition to the English south coast near Portsmouth.

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