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Surrey Landscapes

Godalming Church Godalming Church and the Phillips Memorial Godalming Church accorss the Lamas Laonds Eashing Bridge

The summer of 2003 was long, warm and sunny. I did make a couple of expeditions out into the local countryside with rolls of Kodak High Speed Infrared film and here are some of the results. You can see the church at Godalming and, alongside, the memorial to Jack Phillips, the wireless operator on the Titanic.

Bridge alongside the Wey Boats on the River Wey Narrow boat moored on the River Wey Narrow boat moored on the River Wey

From an earler summer, but not put onto the site until now, are some shots from a roll of Konica 750 infrared film: the tonality is different to the Kodak, with less mid-tones as well as less grain. There are five Konica shots here: the four above and the river shot below. I didn't feel happy with scans of these negatives until I tried with my newer scanner, which has a better resolution and density range.

A bend in the River Wey Waverley Abbey ruins Cricket rollers Abandones machinery

Finally, another old shot of Waverley Abbey plus two completely different kinds of machinery. One lying in wait for the next summer and the other resting in retirement.

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There are more local shots on the Surrey and other Foliage and Watts Chapel pages and the 'Pseudo-colour' digital images in the latest set of photos are also local.

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