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Audio asset production

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Effect of limiting on a waveform

Limiting, in audio, means controlling the level (volume) of peaks of the audio without, you hope, noticeably affacting the rest. This shows how this looks when you see the audio waveform.

Audio dynamics Compressing and limiting of audio is sometimes referred to as dynamics processing and affects the dynamic range of the sound. This file illustrates the effect.
Sample rates and bit depth This file illustrates the effect of different sampling rates and bit depths for sound recording. This was originally included on the CD with previous editions of the book and here has been MP3 encoded but this has not greatly affected the sound.
MP3 Artefacts This example demonstrates what MP3 compression removes from a sound recording. It's the example about Clyde Tombaugh's discovery of Pluto used in Book 1 Chapter 7, which you may have heard before.
Phase The effect of the phase relationship between the two stereo tracks. This file can be used to check the phase of speakers in your audio system. If you are listening in mono then some sections of the description here will disappear!
Stereo test A voice positioned in various places across the stereo (and out of phase at one point) to help you set up your stereo speakers or headphones.
Original - Edit 1 - Edit 2 Examples of good and bad editing. Listen for things like a double breath and pauses in Edit 2. Edit 1 is the better of the two versions.
Editing exercise

Open this file in an audio editing package and try tidying it up.


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