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This page is no longer being updated (although it should still be useful). For more up-to-date links please see the related page from the 4th edition of the book: the Managing Interactive Media links page.

As readers of our book will know, there is a lot you can learn (beg, borrow and steal) from other people. This page is a collection of (I hope) useful links that readers will find useful and complements the web links referenced in the text (although some are duplicated). My categorisation is not necessarily the same as yours might be so please check them all out.
[Updated September 14th 2005]

Career Development

CPD for iProfessionals Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the way that individuals show their development as professionals over the course of their career. A CPD scheme helps people identify their current skills and tracks their progression in terms of increased skills and we have produced templates with which you can keep a record for yourself.
CPD for Interactive Companies Skills are essential for companies too and are part of the company's assets. This template will help a company analyse the skills and skills gaps in the expertise of the workforce.

Industry News and Background

A List Apart For people who make web sites. It covers a range of issues and is well quoted/liked by the community gurus! Includes the sage quotation '... and don't forget, you're not limited to sane clients'.
Click-Z Network Click-Z keeps track of all kinds of information on the Internet. You will find outline information from surveys here, with contacts to get hold of the full reports.
Digital Media Europe New player in the news portal field. Good range covering the digital media, iTV/DTV and Internet sectors across Europe. They also publish free daily and weekly newsletters.
eMarketeer Coverage of marketing demographics for Europe and worldwide - split into business and tech sections. You get stat of the day and newsletters for free but many reports cost about $800.
Kaliber 10000 (k2k) Tightly packed 'Designers Lunchbox', also describes itself as 'The designers playground, a global digital design forum for people who actually have something to say, and know how to do it.' 'The most creative of the web collected and cross-referenced, for creatives, developers, marketers and enthusiasts.' Here you can see the pick of what other people are doing in web design.
New Architect On-line magazine for web professionals. Used to be called Web Techniques.
New Media Age New media news and comment from weekly mag New Media Age. Registration is required for in-depth access.
Quantel Digital Fact Book For those of you who don't know this, it is a comprehensive backgrounder on all things related to digital video and digital television ... plus a plug for Quantel's ubiquitous videographics systems. [This URL has changed since the references in Managing Multimedia were compiled. They keep moving it: it's hard to keep up. If you find this link broken, go to and search for Digital Fact Book.]
Security Space Surveys of Internet traffic which tells you who is using what software technologies on their servers and in their pages.
The Register Irreverent but always readable news and info from this UK-based eZine
We're Here Forums Wide ranging forums and news for all aspects of interactive design. They'll get huffy with you if you refuse their cookies or don't enable JavaScript.

Project (and other) Managerial Information

COST€R This has recently come out with the help of European funding (hence the € in the name although you can choose your currency). It's a program for costing new media projects and is something of a spread sheet-cum-aide memoire on steroids! Watch their site as it's being upgraded.
Creativity and Complexity in Cross Functional Teams Paper by Christopher M Barlow of Stuart Graduate School of Business in Chicago.
dotProject Open source project and task management software
Project Management Software Reader discussion on software for the Macintosh including links: from Macintouch. Everyone else presumably uses Microsoft Project. (But remember 'conventional' project management has its limits when working with interactive media.)
Rational Unified Process Our original RUP link seemed to get hi-jacked but this links to a paper from Rational Software
Software Reality This web site used to be called 'Bad Managers', and that just about says it all. But just to ram the point home they also described themselves thus: 'True Stories of Disastrous Projects and Cowboy Managers'. Now it's 'Programming with a dose of satire' ... just to make you feel better.
Vertabase A management tool developed by and for new media production company Standpipe Studios.
Visual Insights Now under the brand Advizor: a novel take on visualising web site usage to drive business decisions. You don't have to buy their software to check out the theory.

General Development Resource Sites

Apple Internet Development Tutorials This is part of the Apple Developer Connection web site but is equally valuable for web coders on Windows or Linux. It goes into great detail about how the different browsers on different platforms interpret HTML and CSS and should help you produce cross-platform cross-browser standards-compliant web pages.
CD Recordable FAQ Maintained by Andy McFadden and covers CD-R and CD-RW. It doesn't cover DVD.
Codec Central This one has gone AWOL, presumably as a result of Discreet's changes of ownership. I'll leave it's home here in the hope I can find a replacement link.
comp.multimedia The main UseNet news group for multimedia (via Google's Deja link) - also available via news client at comp.multimedia
CSS Zen Garden The challenge here is simple: take a fixed HTML page and, by using cascading style sheets, see what you can make of it. These are not templates for you to copy slavishly but they should be sources of inspiration.
DVD FAQ Maintained by Jim Taylor and now at almost half a megabyte and counting. Very comprehensive.
Dynamic Drive Resources for DHTML development (including the script used for the menus on this site).
Flash Kit Exactly what it says on the tin ... just the ticket if you're a Flash user.
HTML Code Tutorial Bedrock of the web business and this is a good place to start or revise.
Index to Multimedia Information Sources There used to be a huge list of multimedia resources on the Web edited by Simon Gibbs and Gabor Szentivanyi. Unfortunately this site is no longer maintained (although it is still out there) but it was taken over by Mike Levin of Scala Broadcast Multimedia.
JavaScript Kit JavaScript code and tutorials ... and more.
MacInTouch A handy one-stop for Macintosh users.
MacWindows More cross-platform issues, this time more from a systems perspective.
Shareware I find and Tucows good places to start looking for that utility you think must be out there somewhere ... and much more besides.
W3Schools A collection of free HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML, XML, XHTML, WAP, ASP, SQL tutorials with lots of working examples and source code.
The World Wide Web Security FAQ W3C-hosted resource on all aspects of security on the web. Possibly more of interest if you set up servers than if you write HTML. However, if you write Perl and other CGI check out section 6! and sitepoint Various resources for Web Masters.
Windows-Macintosh Cooperation FAQ A cross-platform resource maintained by Darryl Lee. [Bear in mind that some cross-platform issues change as a result of the introduction of Mac OS X, which is Unix-like.]

Hardware and Software Company Sites

4D The 4D database, which can be used to develop dynamic web sites without needing an external server, now has a free academic edition.
Adobe Providers of many essential multimedia tools such as PhotoShop and Premiere with which many an extravaganza has been crafted. The company also devised PostScript and gave the impetus to desk-top publishing. Now concentrating more and more on Windows applications although, thankfully, PhotoShop is still available for the Mac!
Apache Not really a company as this is open source, but this is the world's most popular web server.
Apple Developer Connection As well as the Mac OS-specific information there are very good articles on such topics as how to write a good CSS-based web site.
Macromedia Key to multimedia development for many years ... ever since Videoworks was first released for the Macintosh. This software eventually grew and developed into Director which can now be run on Mac and WinTel platforms as well as on Web pages with the help of its Flash and Shockwave technologies. There are pretenders to this particular throne, but no one has yet knocked Macromedia from their position.
Microsoft Ubiquitous, but they have a range of useful resources and software including the Microsoft Developer Network.
MySQL Another favourite of all of us here: the open-source database ... but this time actually produced by a very public-spirited company set up by two Swedes and a Finn.
PHP Again, not really a company but the home of the ubiquitous PHP.

Design and Human-Computer Interface Resources

Accessibility - The Bobby and WebXACT Accessibility - the ease with which users with various levels of ability can actually make use of a web page - is becoming mandatory in many instances. Here it can be assessed using these toolsfrom the Watchfire Corporation. The Bobby was free but now isn't but WebXACT produces similar information and more and is worth running over your pages.
Accessibility - BETSIE BBC Education have developed a Perl aplication (available free for other web sites to use) which automatically parses any web page to produce a large text, clearly readable version. The BBC Education Text to Speech Internet Enhancer (to use her long name) is not only an admirable example of public service in action, but also provides an excellent example of automatic parsing of web pages.
Accessibility - RNIB The UK's Royal National Institute of the Blind is a driving force in all aspects of accessibility. Their web site includes this Web Access Centre.
Killer Web Sites David Siegel's book and associated web site have lessons for off-line designers as well as for web sites. Dig through the promotional blurb and you'll find links and other useful material.
HCI Resources Human-Computer Interface is behind most of what multimedia is good for. The British HCI Resources page smooths the path. [Last updated in 2000]
Designhaus The best web shops, design firms, internet bureaus, boutiques and studios working online courtesy of Digital Thread.
Usable Web Links on web usability maintained (or not) by Keith Instone. He's not planning to add any more links but he's still there, lurking in the background and keeping an eye on it. Jakob Nielsen, usability guru, on home turf. Light on graphics, heavy on content and ease of use. Home of the Alertbox column.

Intellectual Property and other Legislation

About Cookies A web site set up by law firm Pinsent Masons to explain the legal implications of sending cookies to web users from web sites.
Creative Commons A fresh and innovative look at the use of intellectual property.
Principles of Data Protection Data Protection in the UK is the province of the UK Information Commissioner and this page sets out the basic tenets of the UK, and European, legislation in this area.
UK Copyright and other IPR Intellectual Property in the UK is handled through the UK Government's Patent Office.
US Copyright Index to American copyright resources.

Asset Creation Resources

Compression FAQ This is a general compression FAQ covering more than just audio and video. It's part of a long-standing archive of FAQs from the UseNet groups - - maintained by Kent Landfield from the aptly named Grapevine in Texas. However, note the dates as this resource is now a bit long in the tooth.
GifBot An online tool to optimise graphics on web sites from Net Mechanic.
MPEG Home Page The fountainhead of MPEG information is maintained by Leonardo Chiariglione, who set up the whole MPEG operation. He is currently working on a Digital Media Project to 'crack' the problem of good digital rights management.
MPEG.ORG The importance of MPEG in its multivarious forms (now up to MPEG-21) cannot be overstated. This MPEG resource will provide all those answers you've always craved.
Partners in Rhyme
Shareware Music Machine
Two sets of audio utilities and royalty-free audio resources and more.

Internet Infrastructure and Protocols

Caida Outreach To quote their web site: 'CAIDA, the Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis, provides tools and analyses promoting the engineering and maintenance of a robust, scalable global Internet infrastructure.' If you are interested in how the Internet operates logistically - especially under stress - then check out these papers.
Domain Name Explanation Provided by InterNIC this explains the why and how of DNS in 'laymans terms'.
Internet Security The SANS institute and FBI listing of what they consider the biggest security risks when your computer is connected to the Internet. After seeing someone speculatively searching for an vulnerable Sendmail program on one of my servers I am reading this carefully!
Internet Traffic Report This web site monitors the performance of the Internet globally and shows current figures and graphs of things like response time and packet loss. The service works by PINGing collaborating routers around the network.
Persona Russ Haynall's web page that explains how you look (when seen by the server you are accessing) as you browse the World Wide Web.
Public DNS Service A free service provided by Granite Canyon Group, with both primary and secondary DNS available and user-configurable. If you don't understand this ... don't try it ;=)
Software Q&A Tools For web sites: links onward to sources ranging from HTML validators to web log analysers.
Top Level Domains Generic and Country Contacts and information for all the Top Level Domains from IANA.
URIs and URLs ... all that addressing stuff from the W3 Consortium.

Miscellaneous Resources

Area 404 The notorious 'Page Not Found' error message from web servers. But not all of them are boring and some are downright wierd and disturbing.
Axon Idea Processor Helps to map your ideas but could also be a possibility for eliciting concept maps with new clients. A visualisation tool for thinkers it says!
Great Computer Language Shootout Doug Bagley's benchmarking comparison between various computer languages carrying out common tasks has moved to a new home, sorry if you were getting a 404 lately on our old link. Still an ongoing project and somewhat escoteric (ie be careful about how literally you take it) but it may help you choose your tool for that critical task. Web-monkeys may like the Perl/PHP comparison.
Hypertext - The Electronic Labyrinth This document is 'a study of the implications of hypertext for creative writers looking to move beyond traditional notions of linearity'.
On-Line Dictionary of Computing Hosted at Imperial College in London.
SI Units for Binary Multiples It seems most of us (me included) have been misusing the terms kilo and mega for years. This site gives the real low-down ... but will we take any notice of it? [The small print says that use of terms like mebibyte to mean 2^20 instead of megabyte is not actually part of the SI units system yet.]
Technorati A search system that indexes web logs. Use this to find out who is blogging what about what and whom ... and more.
Threat Statistics MessageLabs' network of 'Control Towers' is continually monitoring email traffic and detecting viruses (and other malware) passed around this way.
Web Traffic Secrets Techology futurist and general guru Jaclyn Easton is giving away a useful little booklet on her web site.

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