Managing Multimedia

By Elaine England and Andy Finney



The Third Edition of this definitive guidebook to managing interactive multimedia projects for Web, CD-ROM and other media has been fully revised to take account of new convergent technologies such as iTV, mobile and the continued importance of the Internet. There is a new web site to support the new edition of the book.

This web site supports the second edition and is no longer maintained.


Managing Multimedia was BCS Book of the Month for March 1999. Also judged Excellent and Indispensible by ETA and an Editor's Pick at (review no longer online).

New on the site:

Multimedia Books - We have linked many of the other books referenced in Managing Multimedia to Amazon's on-line book stores in the US and UK to help those of you who want to dig further into the topic.

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ISBN: 0-201-36058-6   440 pages   Paperback with CD
Published worldwide by Addison Wesley Longman


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