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Going Inside by John England

Memoir of an Afghan Holiday with Rahmatullah Safi, 1988

Rahmatullah Safi was a general in a mujahideen group fighting the Russians. John England was deputy head teacher of a primary school in England. They were neighbours in the UK and in 1988 Safi invited John to visit him in Pakistan and to go 'inside' Afghanistan. This is the diary of that journey—from Peshawar to Gardez and back again—in the spirit of an Edwardian adventurer who happens to have a camera. (Includes over 60 photographs ... you can preview part of the book above, which may not be possible elsewhere.)

List price £20 for the paperback (retailer price may vary).

A Kindle edition (with about 20 photographs) is available for £5.55 from all Amazon stores.

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Brittany in June by John England

Highlights of School Trips 1982-2005

Cover of Brittany e-book

For over 20 years, teacher John England took school parties to Brittany in France. In this ebook he shares memories of those school trips, and provides helpful advice for anyone accompanying a school party or sending their child on one.

Kindle edition £1.99 from Amazon (preview available)