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Cover of Book 1Project Management for Web and Convergent Media

Book 1 - People and Processes


Are you an interactive media designer, producer or programmer struggling with the pressures of project management? If so, this new edition of Managing Multimedia will relieve the pressure, providing more practical advice and insider tips to help you deliver a high quality project on time and within budget.

This updated and expanded third edition retains the strength of previous editions while adding new material relevant for the changing work context. The book has been divided into two complementary volumes. This one, covering people and processes, describes the latest industry trends and incorporates them into a project management framework. By developing practical skills it aids the project manager's own development, and provides a coherent overview of the issues that affect all in the converging industries of communications, media and computing.

Key features

  • Covers the life cycle of new media production from the team manager's perspective, defining the project manager's responsibilities and offering practical guidance and solutions
  • Provides task-related exercises to help the manager build a customised set of multimedia management guidelines to fit specific project requirements

New - For this volume!

  • New chapter encapsulating the business and project management principles for smaller companies.
  • New self development chapters to deal with specific issues such as adapting projects for other cultures and languages, online marketing principles and multimedia narrative
  • This companion web site contains useful content supplementing relevant chapters, as well as providing links to many other resources

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