Managing Interactive Media

Managing Interactive Media

Industry insight interviews

As we were writing the new edition of the book, and over time since, we have been interviewing a number of iProfessionals from various industry sectors. Some of these interviews were recorded as podcasts (MP3 format) and some as text-based Q&A sessions (PDFs). This list will grow over time ... so check back occasionally.

Sector Name Organisation (and web link) MP3/PDF Duration
Agency Barry Goldberg (telephone interview) Microphone 17m11
Archives Alison Webster UK National Archives PDF icon  
Education Russell Stannard University of Westminster Microphone 16m38
e-Learning Bob Little Bob Little Press and Public Relations PDF icon  
Games Asad Habib Kuju Entertainment PDF icon  
Interactive TV David Cameron Sky Interactive Microphone 15m25
Localisation Peter Bennett London Translations PDF icon  
Museums Ailsa Barry UK Natural History Museum Microphone 15m20
NGO/Charity Matt Farrow WWF Microphone 28m25

Please note: these interviews are copyright to ATSF and to the interviewee or their employer. Sound recordings are copyright ATSF. Downloading is for personal use only.

Click on Microphone to download/hear an MP3 podcast and PDF icon to download/read a PDF.