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Managing Multimedia

by Elaine England and Andy Finney

"An essential read regardless of the size of the projects you're about to embark on.
This book takes you through the steps you need to take to succeed."
Jane Barron - Media Services Officer, National Westminster Bank UK

"Managing Multimedia ... a road map for everyone on the treacherous journey
in search of the multimedia 'holy grail', how to make the stuff work!"
Mike Philips - Course Leader - Media Lab Arts - Plymouth University


Managing Multimedia leads you through the multimedia project process from initiation to completion paying particular attention to the project management issues. It covers such aspects as project definition, client management, contracts, rights management and media decision-making.

Features ...

  • positions multimedia in relation to project management principles
  • defines the Multimedia Project Manager's responsibilities at the beginning of each chapter, providing a clear management focus
  • follows the project from initiation to completion, combining theory and practice to balance coverage of both management and technical decisions
  • includes many guidelines and practical advice based on experience
  • encourages readers to apply the information to their own projects through task-related exercises,
  • outlines the principles in the book and shows these in practice on the CD
  • provides a flexible multimedia management template
  • addresses all the recognised problem areas and offers practical solutions

Managing Multimedia is an essential companion for all students and multimedia practitioners looking to move into a multimedia project management role.

The CD is written in HTML to allow maximum compatability and flexibility for readers and if you can read this page then you can read the CD.

Ordering Information ...

Managing Multimedia is available from most bookshops but they might have to order it. In the USA you can call (800) 322 1377 and in the UK you can call (01279) 623923 to order by credit card.

There is information on the book on the Addison Wesley web site and you can place an order at their on-line store. This is probably the fastest way of ordering the book.

We know that in the US and in the UK also stock our book, so you can order from them as well. You should check to make sure you order the second edition while stocks of the first edition remain available.

Training Courses ...

We are offering a modular short course of one to four days based on the book Managing Multimedia for in-company training. Follow this link for more information and contact.

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