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“Apart from its novelty value, I cannot see much reason to use infra-red film other than for scientific purposes. When you have seen a few infra-red pictures, you have seen the lot.”

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Ed Thompson
Ed is the author of The Unseen, portfolio of infrared photographs. Amongst his work are many medium-format colour infrared shots, taken using last remaining stocks of Kodak Aerochrome film.
The Unseen web page
Elliott Landy
Elliott is one of the key music photographers of the 1960s with a huge portfolio of images, including the Woodstock festival and his many shoots with The Band. These include some iconic colour infrared shots, notably the one of Bob Dylan at his home in Woodstock.
Elliott Landy colour infrared web page
Simon Marsden
The late Simon Marsden was an accomplished exponent of Kodak High Speed Infrared film. His archive explores his fascination with the supernatural and he saw infrared photography as opening something of window beyond our reality. His style is distinctive, featuring strongly backlit subjects very often, making the most of the idiosyncratic look of the film, but also demonstrating his skill in the darkroom, printing the results. He produced several books of his photographs, starting with one on ruined Irish 'great houses' and castles in 1980
The Marsden Archive
Diane Syme
Diane Syme, is in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Unlike many of us IR-types, she lets people get into her shots too. The shot of people gazing at the city across the water - Minneapolis Dream at Lake Hiawatha - is a gem and one of my all-time-favourite infrared shots. When I curated the centenary exhibition at the RPS in Bath, she lent us a print of this to include. The gallery has a lovely name too.
Dreaming in Daylight
Richard Mosse
Richard is an Irish photographer who has built a formidable reputation with both colour infrared and thermal imaging. He used residual stock of Kodak Aerochrome for dramatic reportage images from the Congo and more recently has had access to high resolution thermal imagers for projects such as Incoming, using sophisticated thermal imaging to document refugees around the Mediterranean and elsewhere.
Richard Mosse website
Richard K Ferncase
Professor Ferncase's Infrared Window ... and a very nicely designed one it is too. Actually he doesn't call it the Window any more but it was such a great title I have a one-person campaign to preserve it. Some lovely semi-abstract shapes in landscapes.
Memories you have never dreamed

Technical information

Professor Andrew Davidhazy
Andrew Davidhazy was Professor of Imaging and Photographic Technology at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in New York State. He's something of an imaging guru ... including infrared of course. He wrote a succinct backgrounder on infrared photography which was originally done for the Focal Encyclopedia of Photography, and a page with various examples.
Infrared photography basics
Infrared photography examples
Camera conversions
The American infrared emporia, MaxMax, Spencer's, Kolari Vision and LifePixel, have European competition in the shape of Advanced Camera Services of Norfolk in England and Optik Makario in Germany. All sites offer useful information and conversion services, and some also sell ready-converted cameras. The arrival of ACS and Optik Makario means that European infrared photographers now have somewhere within the UK and EU who can undertake modifications, which avoids customs duties and expensive shipping. Please note that I have no personal experience of any of these companies other than ACS - who converted a Canon S95 for me recently - and Kolari, from whom I bought a colour infrared filter.
Kolari Vision
Advanced Camera Services