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Infrared Imaging Abstracts: 1993

The following Abstracts of journal literature and patent specifications are taken, with kind permission, from Imaging Abstracts, published by Pira International on behalf of The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain. These abstracts are dated up to 2003 and this facility is no longer maintained.

The abstracts are Copyright © 1997-2004 Pira International on behalf of the RPS. Original documents are in English unless otherwise stated. The abstracts published here are those which cover aspects of Infrared imaging and are made available here for informational purposes only. No liability can be accepted for the accuracy of the information given or any use that is made of it.

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An Evaluation of a Region-Growing Algorithm Performing Detection for Automatic Target Recognition

Kitrosser J H (US Department of the Army)
J. Imaging Sci. Technol. vol. 38, no. 4, 1994, pp 311-320

The Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate of the U.S. Army has evaluated a system using infrared radiation for the detection and subsequent classification of target-like objects. The principles underlying the process, its mode of action, and the manner in which it can be usefully employed, are discussed. 16 refs

Kinetics of Crystallization of Ge-As-Te Amorphous Films Induced by Heating and Laser Radiation

Turyanitsa I I, Tsigika V V, Mar'yan M I, Il'chenko A I, Lukich S (Uzhgorod State University)
Sci. Appl. Photogr. vol. 34, no. 3, 1993, pp 321-330

In the design of infra-red sensitive materials containing tellurium it is necessary to understand the rate at which the amorphous phase transforms into the crystalline phase since this causes deterioration of the recording characteristics. This paper describes work performed on Ge-As-Te layers to study the transformations caused by both heat and pulsed infra-red radiation on the amorphous and crystalline structures. 8 refs.