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Judy Collins Fifth Album — Judy Collins

Alternate sleeve:Judy Collins Fifth Album

Elektra EKL 300 (Mono) EKS 7300 (Stereo)

Released: August 1965

Production: Mark Abramson and Jac Holzman

  • Pack Up Your Sorrows
  • The Coming of the Roads
  • So Early, Early in the Spring
  • Tomorrow is a Long Time
  • Daddy You've Been on my Mind
  • Thirsty Boots
  • Mr Tambourine Man
  • Lord Gregory
  • In the Heat of the Summer
  • Early Morning Rain
  • Carry it on
  • It Isn't Nice

Some sleeves say that this album was recorded in concert at Town Hall, New York, March 21 1964. That is not the case. The Concert album was recorded then ... as you might think.