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The Best of Lord Buckley — Lord Buckley

Alternate sleeve:The Best of Lord Buckley

Crestview CRV 801 (Mono)

Released: April 1963

  • The Nazz
  • Gettysburg Address
  • The Hip Gahn
  • Jonah and the Whale
  • Marc Antony's
  • Funeral Oration
  • Nero

Crestview was an imprint that Elektra used mostly for repackaging of albums; or as Billboard put it (on Jan 12th 1963) "to deal in far out and offbeat waxings".

The name, it seems, comes from the name of the Beverley Hills telephone exchange where Elektra's west coast office connected. The label was launched with a full-page ad in Billboard on April 13th 1963, described as "A feast fit for a famished lion". It was to have been called something else, presumably based on the lion in the logo, but the name had to change at the last minute as someone else started using the original one. So Crestview it became.

Elektra EKS 74047 is a reissue of this LP. For more info on his lordship, see