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Veronique Sanson — Veronique Sanson

Alternate sleeve:Veronique SansonSleeve:Veronique Sanson

Elektra EKS 75050 (Stereo)

Released: 1973

Production: Michel Berger

Engineering: Roger Roche

Side 1

  • Amoureuse
  • Tout est Cassé Tout est Mort
  • L'irréparable
  • Louis
  • Mariavah
  • Pour les Michel

Side 2 - Anglophone version

  • Pour Qui
  • Green Green Green
  • I Needed Nobody
  • Bahia
  • C'est le Moment
  • Birds of Summer

Side 2 - Francophone version

  • Pour Qui
  • Vert Vert Vert
  • Besoin de Personne
  • Bahia
  • C'est le Moment
  • Dis-lui (de Revenir)

European copies have a different sleeve to US copies and the album was released in francophone territories, such as Canada and in Europe, with more French songs but with the same catalogue number. The early copies did not have a sleeve title but the disc was later titled 'Amoureuse' to capitalise on the hit opening song and the European sleeve photo was a slightly different pose and with different typography. Note that the disc labels omitted accents from the letters in the French titles.