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In the Gloryland: Ken Davern and his Salty Dogs
Elektra EKS 7099 (Stereo) - Released: June 1958
Production: Jac Holzman in association with Mark Morris
Sleeve:In the Gloryland

Side 1

  • Tiger Rag
  • The Streets of the City
  • In the Gloryland
  • Shake it and Break it

Side 2

  • Just a Closer Walk With Thee
  • Willie the Weeper
  • Precious Lord
  • The Old Rugged Cross

New Orleans Trad Jazz from a small combo with a 'leaning towards spirituals' led by (then) 23-year-old Ken Davern, who still plays around the world. The band were one of a small number of trad bands in New York and only Ken was a full-time musician.

Released as EKL-201-X in the short-lived 'X' stereo series. On these few early stereo discs the stereo 'sticker' was in fact printed into the sleeve design. I don't know whether any copies were pressed with the number EKS 7099 - it does have the feel of an afterthought - but you can see why the label would want to regularise their numbering system even if the discs never bore the numbers used. (Or at least they would have been stickered.) The label refers to a '45/45' recording which doesn't mean 45 rpm (there is no speed notation on the disc) but to the so-called 'Blumlein' method of cutting stereo discs with the left and right channels each at 45 degrees to the disc. This is the way all stereo discs were cut and ensures that a conventional mono pick-up would play the sum of the left and right channels.

Gypsy Magic: Edi Csoka and his Gypsy Orchestra
Elektra EKS 7100 (Stereo) - Released: June 1958
Production: Jac Holzman
Sleeve:Gypsy Magic

Side 1

  • Roumanian Canary
  • Czardas
  • Royal Hora
  • I Am a Gypsy
  • Hora Romanesca
  • Death of a Gypsy

Side 2

  • Sina Hora
  • Czardas
  • Roumanian Hora
  • Concert Srba
  • Hungarian Folksong
  • Hungarian Folkways

A small combo, led by violinish Csoka, playing the kind of music you'd hear in a Budapest café. Released in Stereo on Elektra EKL 202-X. Stereo reel-to-reel version issued by Livingstone tapes has fewer tracks but adds 'Avant de Mourir'. The disc was issed under license from Livingstone.

The Neue Deutschmeister Band in Stereo: Neue Deutschmeister Band
Elektra EKS 7101 (Stereo) - Released: 1958
Sleeve:The Neue Deutschmeister  Band in Stereo

Side 1

  • Deutschmeister March
  • Bad'ner Girls Waltz
  • Flieger March
  • Freudenauer Galop
  • Albrechts March

Side 2

  • Payerbacher Polka
  • Scho‘nfeld March
  • Schuetzenliesel Polka
  • Lyuk Lyuk, Hungarian March
  • Radetzky March
  • Woodchopper March

Conductor is Karl Zaruba. Also released as EKL 203-X in Stereo. Licensed from Livingstone Audio Products. Despite the name, this bunch were Austrian and the sleeve design, by Bill Harvey, has a nod in the direction of Gerard Hoffnung, a musical humourist, writer and cartoonist who produced the unlikely-named 'Interplanetary Music Festival' concerts and albums in the mid-late 1956 and 1958 for Columbia Records (EMI) in the UK.

Josh At Midnight: Josh White
Elektra EKL 102 (Mono) - Released: 1956
Production: Jac Holzman
Sleeve:Josh At Midnight

Side 1

  • St James Infirmary
  • Raise A Rukus
  • Scandalize My Name
  • Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dyin' Bed
  • Timber (Jerry The Mule)
  • Jelly, Jelly

Side 2

  • One Meat Ball
  • Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho
  • Don't Lie Buddy
  • Number Twelve Train
  • Peter
  • Takin' Names

This is really where the mainstream Elektra albums start and this disc was on catalogue for just under 20 years: at the end of Jac's tenure, certainly by the Jan/Feb 1973 catalogue, the mono Josh White albums had been deleted.

The sleeve features a dramatic line drawing of Josh singing and playing guitar and was drawn by Bill Harvey based on a photo taken by Jac Holzman at the recording session for the album in 1955. Earliest copies use the script Elektra logo on the label, that predates even the 'Atom' version. Later copies exist labelled 'Stereo' but are in fact mono: the known variant like this has a red E label design.

Several of the early Elektra abums were issued by another company under the imprimateur of 'Music Treasures of the World' and this one was presumably the first with catalogue number MT-901.

Los Gitanillos de Cadiz: Songs and Dances of Andalucia: Los Gitanillos de Cadiz
Elektra EKL 103 (Mono) - Released: 1956
Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: Leonard Ripley
Recorded: Paris
Alternate sleeve:Los Gitanillos de Cadiz: Songs and Dances of AndaluciaSleeve:Los Gitanillos de Cadiz: Songs and Dances of Andalucia

Side 1

  • La niña de la venta
  • Tanguillos de Cadiz
  • Bulerias gaditanas
  • El delirio
  • Soleares
  • Alegrias de baile
  • Fandango por soleares

Side 2

  • Sevillanas
  • Villancicos de navidad
  • Alegrias con palmas
  • Caracoles
  • Segidillas
  • Fandaguillos
  • Fandangos de huelva

Two covers are known, the first with a line drawing and the second with a photograph.

Songs Of Montmartre: Suzanne Robert
Elektra EKL 104 (Mono) - Released: 1956
Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: Leonard Ripley
Recorded: Paris
Sleeve:Songs Of Montmartre

Side 1

  • Le Chat Noir
  • Moi, Je Pense à Paris
  • Les Goss' à Poulbot
  • Rose Blanche
  • Chanter et Boire
  • A St. Lazare
  • Les Moines De St. Bernardine
  • Absence

Side 2

  • Le Moulin de la Galette
  • Place du Tertre
  • Au Son des Joyeux Glou-Glous
  • A Montmerte
  • Sur la Butte
  • Le Monsieur D'la Rue Pigalle
  • Nini Peau D'Chien

Like the Abbeye discs, this would have been aimed at Americans newly-returned from the novelty of a trip to Europe ... or possibly remembering a war-time visit to Paris only a dozen years before.

An Actor's Holiday: Theodore Bikel
Elektra EKL 105 (Mono) - Released: 1956
Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: Leonard Ripley
Alternate sleeve:An Actor's HolidaySleeve:An Actor's Holiday

Side 1

  • Khag Laro'e
  • Rue
  • Ay Te Tsi Nye Te
  • Vi Zenen Mayne Yinge Yoren
  • Mang Wani Mpulele
  • Wheel Of Fortune
  • Le Mineur
  • Be'er Bassadeh
  • Los Cuatro Muleros
  • Vira
  • Na Konye Voronom
  • A La Claire Fontaine
  • Welcum To Scotland

Side 2

  • Ma Guitare et Moi
  • Scalinatella
  • Blow The Candles Out
  • Kto Vevo Znayet
  • Snyezhnaya Kolibellnaya
  • Perrine Etait Servante
  • Khof Shakett
  • Stenka Razin
  • Folklore Limited

There are two covers for this disc. The earlier show Theo riding a Vespa scooter (presumably Jac Holzman's famous New York transport) superimposed on a map of Europe. The more recent feature a colour photo of Theo. I've heard rumours of a stereo version but not seen it in catalogues.

The Unabashed Virtuoso: Stephen Kovács
Elektra EKL 106 (Mono) - Released: 1956
Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: David Hancock
Sleeve:The Unabashed Virtuoso

Side 1

  • Fledermaus Paraphrase
  • La Campanella
  • Danse Macabre

Side 2

  • Rigoletto Paraphrase
  • Humouresque
  • Capriccio
  • Hungarian Rhapsody #2

Always striving for better quality, Jac and David Hancock decided to cut this disc with unusually large guard bands at the end of each side. This kept the playing area away from the label and therefore avoided the lower linear playing speed (and potential distortion caused by a non-parallel playback arm) that increases towards the centre of a disc.

Time Magazine's web site - www.time.com - has record reviews amongst its collection and in the edition of August 27th 1956 the reviewer says of this LP: 'An aptly titled album, containing mostly virtuosic paraphrases (of Fledermaus, Rigoletto) and arrangements of orchestral pieces (Danse Macabre, Hungarian Rhapsody #2), done up with plenty of fireworks and a gratifying portion of delicacy and taste'.

Cynthia Goodling sings of Faithful Lovers and Other Phenomena: Cynthia Gooding
Elektra EKL 107 (Mono) - Released: 1957
Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: Leonard Ripley
Sleeve:Cynthia Goodling sings of Faithful Lovers and Other Phenomena

Side 1

  • The Bailiff's Daughter
  • Lass Of The Low Countrie
  • The Derby Ram
  • My Young Love Said To Me
  • The Dear Companion
  • Lady's Policy
  • All My Trials

Side 2

  • Lilliburlero
  • Down By The Seashore
  • George Collins
  • Naomi Wise
  • Waly, Waly
  • The Cherry-Tree Carol
  • Great Selchie Of Shule Skerry

SMP2 refers to this album as titled 'Ballads of the English Speaking World'.

Blood Booze 'n Bones: Ed McCurdy
Elektra EKL 108 (Mono) - Released: 1956
Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: Leonard Ripley
Sleeve:Blood Booze 'n Bones

Side 1

  • Darlin' Cory
  • Josie
  • The Dublin Murder Ballad
  • Four Nights Drunk
  • Cowboy's Lament
  • Kentucky Moonshiner
  • No More Booze
  • Farewell To Grog

Side 2

  • Portland County Jail
  • Banks Of The Ohio
  • John Hardy
  • The Pig and the Inebriate
  • Stackerlee
  • Lamkins
  • Yo Ho Ho (The Derelict)
  • Lulu
  • The Drunkard's Doom

Banjo accompaniment, Erik Darling.

A Young Man And A Maid: Theodore Bikel and Cynthia Gooding
Elektra EKL 109 (Mono) EKS 7109 (Stereo)
Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: Leonard Ripley
Alternate sleeve:A Young Man And A MaidSleeve:A Young Man And A Maid

Side 1

  • Where Does It Lead (C+T)
  • A Meidl In Di Yoren (T)
  • Sur la Route (C+T)
  • Laredo (C+T)
  • Greensleeves (C)
  • Ro'e Vero'a (C+T)
  • Auprès de ma Blonde (C)

Side 2

  • As I Roved Out (C+T)
  • Mi Jacalito (C+T)
  • Coplas (C+T)
  • Katherine Jaffrey (C)
  • Hej Pada Pada (T)
  • Well Met, Pretty Maid (C+T)
  • La Ballade du Chercheur d'Or (T)
  • Western Wind (C)
  • Proschay (C+T)

Subtitle: '... sing Love Songs of Many Lands'. Two cover variations: the earlier is a drawing featuring a man and a woman with an inset 'woodcut' of Adam and Eve with the serpent. Continuing this theme, the more recent variation has a photo of a nude woman reaching for an apple, seen through frosted glass. The earlier version has 'Caligraphy' labels rather than 'Atom' or later and was probably only available for a short time.

When Dalliance Was In Flower: Ed McCurdy
Elektra EKL 110 (Mono) - Released: 1956
Production: Jac Holzman
Alternate sleeve:When Dalliance Was In FlowerSleeve:When Dalliance Was In Flower

Side 1

  • Go Bring Me A Lass
  • The Trooper
  • A Young Man And A Maid
  • A Wanton Trick
  • There Was A Knight
  • Two Maidens Went Milking One Day
  • A Lusty Young Smith
  • Tom And Doll

Side 2

  • A Riddle
  • A Maiden Did A-Bathing Go
  • The Jolly Tinker
  • Old Fumbler
  • The Three Travellers
  • Kitt Hath Lost Her Key
  • To A Lady
  • The Four Able Physicians
  • Sylvia The Fair

Subtitle '... and Maidens lost their Heads'. This, and the succeding volumes, were based on 'Songs of Wit and Mirth' or 'Pills to Purge Melancholy' edited by Thomas D'Urfey and printed in London in 1719 ... set to music by Ed McCurdy.

Two covers known. The earlier was based on line drawings (by Bill Harvey) but more recent copies use a photo of pseudo-medieval 'dudes in tights' including Jac Holzman in one of his Hitchcockian cover-cameos. The ornate script used for the first version has led to the album title being mistaken for 'Defiance' and even 'Daffiance' in listings. In a similar typographical oddity, the letter 'd' of 'maidens', on all the discs in the series, is actually the letters 'c' and 'l' close together. Incidentally, Xtra (a Transatlantic Records label in the UK) issued a boxed set of Dalliance bringing together vols 1 and 3. I mention this because of the cheesy cover, featuring a bonny lass biting an apple while perched on a cannon outside the Tower of London. The two discs had initially been issued in the UK as Transatlantic TRA 115 and 119.

For Elektra this was a very successful series (a cash-cow even) since, as with most folk music, there were no composer royalties to pay. The Dalliance series, Theo Bikel's albums and the military songs of Oscar Brand helped to give Elektra the financial security that enabled Jac Holzman to take risks with innovative material later.

Tiger on the Keys: Stephen Kovács
Elektra EKL 111 (Mono) - Released: 1956
Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: David Hancock
Sleeve:Tiger on the Keys

Side 1

  • Tiger Rag Boogie
  • Pavanne
  • Canadian Capers
  • Flight of the Bumble Bee
  • Somebody Loves Me
  • 12th Street Rag

Side 2

  • Kitten on the Keys
  • Sabre Dance
  • Trees
  • Holiday for Strings
  • Beer Barrel Polka
  • Dizzy Fingers

Catalogue also lists Blues on the Downbeat and The Perils of Pauline which were not on the final disc as issued.

Songs Of The Old West: Ed McCurdy
Elektra EKL 112 (Mono)
Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: Leonard Ripley
Sleeve:Songs Of The Old West

Side 1

  • Sacramento
  • Hoosen Johnny
  • Great-Granddad
  • Trail To Mexico
  • Sally, Let Your Bangs Hang Down (Hoedown)
  • Buffalo Skinners

Side 2

  • State Of Arkansas
  • Jesse James
  • The Cowboy's Dream
  • Little Old Sod Shanty
  • Brown-Eyed Lee
  • Chuck a Little Hell (Hoedown)
  • The Dying Cowboy

Tenderly: Norene Tate
Elektra EKL 113 (Mono) EKS 7113 (Stereo) - Released: 1957
Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: Leonard Ripley

Side 1

  • Tenderly
  • After My Laughter Came Tears
  • Conversations
  • Sometimes I'm Happy
  • Butterfly
  • One For My Baby

Side 2

  • The Wail
  • Come By Sunday
  • I Cover The Waterfront
  • I Was Doing All Right
  • Every Now And Then
  • I've Had My Moments

Also available in Stereo as EKL 113-X and EKL 213-X, and on stereo tape (EL7-1 BN). Norene Tate is accompanied by Al Hall bass, Isaac Royal piano and Sonny Greer drums, brushes

Josh (sings Ballads and Blues): Josh White
Elektra EKL 114 (Mono)
Production: Jac Holzman
Sleeve:Josh (sings Ballads and Blues)

Side 1

  • Midnight Special
  • Miss Otis Regrets
  • Halleleu
  • Woman Sure is a Curious Critter
  • Prison Bound Blues
  • Gloomy Sunday

Side 2

  • Ball and Chain Blues
  • One For My Baby
  • Jim Crow Train
  • Told My Captain
  • So Soon in the Mornin'
  • Bury My Body

The labels simply give the album title as 'Josh'. Stereo tape also issued (EL 7-2 BN) with fewer tracks: 'Woman Sure Is A Curious Critter', 'Ball and Chain Blues', and 'So Soon In The Mornin' were omitted. The tape was entitled 'Josh White Sings the Blues ... and other songs'.

Adam's Theme: The New York Jazz Ensemble (Quartet)
Elektra EKL 115 (Mono) EKS 7115 (Stereo) - Released: 1957
Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: Leonard Ripley
Alternate sleeve:Adam's ThemeSleeve:Adam's Theme

Side 1

  • Adam's Theme
  • Blue Chips
  • Skylark
  • How About You
  • Just You, Just Me

Side 2

  • Minors Not Allowed
  • Together You and I
  • Early Morning Blues
  • The Song is You

LOC lists this album as being eponymous as does the Elektra Fall 1957 catalogue. In fact there are two 'editions' of the disc. The first has a relatively plain cover with cut-out photos of the band and does not have a sleeve title. The later edition features a cover photo showing a nude woman in a forest (Eve?) and this one bears the sleeve title 'Adam's Theme'. The name of the group had also changed from 'Quartet' to 'Ensemble'. Also released on stereo tape.

This was one of a number of discs that Elektra licensed on to Savoy Records and it became Savoy MG 12172.

Susan Reed: Susan Reed
Elektra EKL 116 (Mono)
Production: Jac Holzman
Sleeve:Susan Reed

Side 1

  • Black Is The Color
  • The Old Woman
  • I'm Sad And I'm Lonely
  • Drill, Ye Tarriers
  • Greensleeves
  • Go Away From My Window
  • A Mighty Ship
  • Mother, I Would Marry
  • Barbara Allen

Side 2

  • Michie Banjo
  • Zelime
  • Gué, Gué
  • The Soldier And The Lady
  • Molly Malone
  • Three White Gulls
  • Venezuela
  • If I Had A Ribbon Bow
  • Miss Bailey
  • Danny Boy

Stereo version released on reel-to-reel tape: ELEKTRATAPE #7-5. Some catalogues said a stereo disc was released but this may be spurious. There is something odd about the sleeve design, with its white box containing Susan's name on the left. I wonder what there was under the box that needed covering up.

Sabicas (The Greatest Flamenco Guitarist): Sabicas
Elektra EKL 117 (Mono) EKS 7117 (Stereo)
Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: Leonard Ripley
Recorded: Ripley's apartment in New York
Alternate sleeve:Sabicas (The Greatest Flamenco Guitarist)Sleeve:Sabicas (The Greatest Flamenco Guitarist)

Side 1

  • Bulerias
  • Farruca
  • Fandango
  • Solea por Bulerias
  • Granadina

Side 2

  • Soleares
  • Seguiriya
  • Malagueña
  • Alegrias
  • Taranta

According to Jac Holzman in FTM there were three sessions for this LP before Sabicas and Elektra were satisfied with the results. The stereo LP is probably from a different session to the mono (to be confirmed when I get around to checking the LPs).

There are two versions of the cover: one featuring a multi-exposure shot of Sabicas playing the guitar, making his hands seem a blur. Later copies use a generic Sabicas cover with a guitar on a chair and some of these add a'Volume 1' subtitle. Stereo tape also issued.

The New York Jazz Quartet Goes Native: The New York Jazz Quartet
Elektra EKL 118 (Mono) EKS 7118 (Stereo) - Released: 1957
Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: David Hancock
Sleeve:The New York Jazz Quartet Goes Native

Side 1

  • March of the Sugar-Cured Hams
  • Jungle Noon
  • Mat at Bat
  • I'm Alone on Sunday
  • Oi Vay, Calypso

Side 2

  • Let Me Remember
  • Coo Coo Calypso
  • Joe Blow
  • Trade Winds
  • Sambalu
  • The Mann Act

The group were augmented by drummers Manuel Ramos and Teijo Ito for this set. Stereo version released on reel-to-reel tape : ELEKTRATAPE #7-7 and on stereo disc as EKL 118-X (and maybe 218-X). This was, with the Trinidad Steel Band LP, Elekta's first stereo LP release, on June 1st 1958.

This album was one of a number of discs that Elektra licensed on to Savoy Records and it became Savoy MG 12175 and with the sleeve title "Gone Native".

An Evening At L'Abbaye: Gordon Heath And Lee Payant
Elektra EKL 119 (Mono)
Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: Leonard Ripley
Recorded: Paris
Alternate sleeve:An Evening At L'AbbayeSleeve:An Evening At L'Abbaye

Side 1

  • Another Man Done Gone
  • Chanson De La Mariée
  • The Youth Of The Heart
  • Black Girl
  • Big Rock Candy Mountain
  • Jacob's Ladder
  • J'ai Un Long Voyage A Faire
  • We Will Break Bread Together

Side 2

  • Hill An' Gully
  • Au Claire de la Lune
  • The Foggy, Foggy Dew
  • Little David
  • The Spinning Wheel
  • Le Roy A Fait Battre Tambour
  • Scarborough Fair
  • Linstead Market
  • L'occasion Manquée

This is a combined reissue of two 10-inch albums - EKL 13 and EKL 19 - which explains the note 'Copyright 1954' on the sleeve. However, four of the tracks on the 10-inch discs were not included: 'I Wash my Face' and 'Wandering' from EKL19 and 'L'amour de Moy' and 'En Revenant De Versailles' from EKL29.

Incidentally, there is an Abbaye club in Rue Jakob (just back from the left bank near Notre Dame) but the 'real one' was behind the abbey church of St Germain des Prés. Gordon Heath and Lee Payant were gay American actors who had settled in Paris. Heath had been a successful Broadway actor and was also reportedly the first African-American staff announcer on a major US radio station (WMCA in New York). Even after the duo acquired the club in 1949, they continued to act. Heath's roles included Shakespeare for the BBC and the narration for the classic animation of 'Animal Farm'. More on Gordon Heath at www.glbtq.com and www.imdb.com . Payant is better-known as a voice-over artists (being the voice of Robinson Crusoe in the English-language version of a French TV series for example) and a director. His IMDB entry is at www.imdb.com .

A Midnight Session with the Jazz Messengers: The Jazz Messengers
Elektra EKL 120 (Mono) EKS 7120 (Stereo) - Released: 1957
Production: Jac Holzman
Recorded: Carl Fisher Concert Hall, New York, March 8+9 1957
Sleeve:A Midnight Session with the Jazz Messengers

Side 1

  • Casino
  • The 'Biddie Griddies'
  • Potpourri

Side 2

  • Ugh 1/2
  • Mirage
  • Reflections Of Buhainia (Mono only)
  • Study in Rhythm (Stereo only)

Art Blakey on drums, leading what is generally known as the 'New' Jazz Messengers. Also available in Stereo as EKL 220-X EKL 120-X and on stereo tape. There is a difference between the mono and stereo track listings, with 'Study in Rhythm' being only on the stereo release and 'Reflections Of Buhainia' only on the mono. Both tracks appeared on the Savoy CD reissue of the album. Buhainia is Blakey's Muslim name.

This was one of a number of discs that Elektra licensed on to Savoy Records and it became Savoy MG 12171.

Sabicas Vol 2: Sabicas
Elektra EKL 121 (Mono)
Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: Leonard Ripley
Alternate sleeve:Sabicas Vol 2Sleeve:Sabicas Vol 2

Side 1

  • La Boda de Luis Alonso
  • Fantasia Inca
  • Malagueña
  • Guajira
  • Farruca

Side 2

  • Czardas
  • Gran Jota
  • Milonga Flamenca
  • Danza Mora
  • Aires del Norte
  • Capricio Español

This second of Sabicas' albums is the 'adventurous' one of the set. The 'Fantasia Inca' particularly is removed from what we might conventionally think of as Flamenco, as is 'Czardas'. But Sabicas, as the sleeve notes tell us, is a gypsy, and Czardas is a gypsy tune ... even if we are more familiar with it when played by violin and orchestra rather than guitar. On five of these tracks Sabicas double-tracks his guitar and it's a pity this album is not available in stereo to take advantage of this.

The covers include a version of the 'multiple hands' photo and two variations on the 'guitar on a chair' image.

Courtin's a Pleasure: Jean Ritchie, Oscar Brand and Tom Paley
Elektra EKL 122 (Mono) - Released: 1957
Production: Jac Holzman
Sleeve:Courtin's a Pleasure

Side 1 - Courting Songs - Jean Ritchie and Oscar Brand

  • Hey Little Boy
  • I Wonder When I Shall be Married
  • The Keys of Canterbury
  • A Young Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn
  • Hog Drivers
  • Lazy John
  • Kansas Boys
  • My Good Old Man
  • Paper of Pins
  • No, Sir

Side 2 - Folksongs from the Southern Appalacian Mountains - Tom Paley

  • Shady Grove
  • The Miller's Song
  • Old Grey Goose
  • Jackaro
  • The Girl on the Greenbriar Shore
  • Little Maggie
  • Banjo Pieces (Coal Creek March, O'Sullivan Mor, Old Joe Clark, Chite Cockade, Flop-eared Mule)

Although the sleeve title on the front is "Courtin's a Pleasure", on the back and spine it is "Courting and other folk songs of the So. Appalacians" and each side is labelled differently.

The Ritchie and Brand tracks come from EKL 22 and the Paley tracks come from EKL 12. (So a statement saying 'Copyright 1957' is not actually correct.)

25th Anniversary Album: Josh White
Elektra EKL 123 (Mono)
Production: Jac Holzman
Alternate sleeve:25th Anniversary AlbumSleeve:25th Anniversary Album

Side 1

  • The Story Of John Henry

Side 2

  • Black Girl
  • Free And Equal Blues
  • Live The Life
  • Sam Hall
  • Where Are You Baby?
  • Delia's Gone
  • Run Mona Run
  • You Don't Know My Mind

This is a single 12-inch edition of the double 10-inch EKL 701. Sleeve says 'Story of John Henry' on the front and back but '25th Anniversary Album' on the spine.

The cover takes Bill Harvey's dramatic drawing of the man with the sledge-hammer used on the cover of the original and adds a coloured background. Two variations of cover known but both with the same drawing. The earlier has the words 'Josh White' big across the top and the older-style Elektra text logo half way down on the left. The later cover has the guitar player logo at the top and Josh's name moved down over the drawing. The earlier colours are also more muted than the saturated red and yellow of the later version.

Sin Songs - Pro And Con: Ed McCurdy
Elektra EKL 124 (Mono)
Production: Jac Holzman
Alternate sleeve:Sin Songs - Pro And ConSleeve:Sin Songs - Pro And Con

Side 1 - Pro

  • The Jolly Boatsman
  • How Happy Is She
  • Roving Gambler
  • I Once Had Virtue
  • The Gambler's Song
  • The Good Boy's Song
  • Good Old Mountain Dew
  • Ballad Of A Young Man
  • Rye Whiskey

Side 2 - Con

  • Tobacco Is An Indian Weed
  • Three Pretty Fair Maids
  • Young People Who Delight In Sin
  • Poor Polly The Mad Girl
  • Gambling On The Sabbath Day
  • She Plays The Game
  • John Adkin's Farewell
  • Frozen Charlotte
  • An Address for all Concerning Death

EKLP 24 with extra tracks. The earlier sleeve design features a montage of 'sinful' images whereas the later design is basically black with a lighter central strip for the title.

Songs Of Her Kentucky Mountain Family: Jean Ritchie
Elektra EKL 125 (Mono)
Production: Jac Holzman
Alternate sleeve:Songs Of Her Kentucky Mountain FamilySleeve:Songs Of Her Kentucky Mountain Family

Side 1

  • Cedar Swamp
  • Nottamun Town
  • The Hangman Song
  • O Sister Phoebe
  • False Sir John
  • O Love Is Teasin'
  • Old Virginny
  • Skin And Bones
  • Dulcimer Pieces: Shady Grove, Old King Cole, Skip to my Lou

Side 2

  • Bachelor's Hall
  • The Little Devils
  • Killy Kranky
  • Jemmy Taylor-O
  • The Cuckoo (Version 1)
  • The Cuckoo (Version 2)
  • Black Is The Color
  • Old Woman And Pig
  • The Little Sparrow
  • Goin' To Boston

This disc combines tracks from the 10-inch albums EKLP 2 and EKLP 25. Some copies do not have a sleeve title. There are two cover variations with the photo of Jean on the cover including a background on some and with this background cut out on others.

Susan Reed Sings Old Airs: Susan Reed
Elektra EKL 126 (Mono) - Released: 1957
Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: Jac Holzman
Alternate sleeve:Susan Reed Sings Old AirsSleeve:Susan Reed Sings Old Airs

Side 1

  • At The Foot Of Yonders Mountain
  • The Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow
  • The Leprechaun
  • The Golden Vanity
  • He Moved Through The Fair
  • Bendermeer's Stream
  • Wraggle Taggle Gypsies
  • Irish Famine Song
  • Come Follow

Side 2

  • Seventeen Come Sunday
  • The Foggy Dew
  • Go Tell Aunt Rhody
  • I Know My Love
  • Must I Go Bound
  • Peter Gray
  • Wailie Wailie
  • Jennie Jenkins
  • The Boreens Of Derry

This includes tracks from EKL 26. Lawless does not list the last three tracks, but includes 'Devil and the Farmer's Wife'. Two sleeve designs exist: one the line drawing as used on the ten-inch version (EKL 26) but rotated about 30 degrees and inset: later copies feature a photograph.

I believe that a stereo version of this LP was released in Japan.

Calypso!: Lord Foodoos and His Calypso Band
Elektra EKL 127 (Mono) - Released: 1957
Production: Jac Holzman
Recorded: Jamaica
Alternate sleeve:Calypso!Sleeve:Calypso!

Side 1

  • Matilda
  • Back To Back, Belly To Belly
  • Don't Touch Her Tomato
  • Marianne
  • One Little Lover
  • Stone Cold Dead in the Market
  • That's How Me Come Over

Side 2

  • Day-O
  • Lady Trelalay
  • Drive Her Home
  • Hold 'em Joe
  • Peas and Rice
  • Lousy Mother-In-Law
  • Jamaica Farewell

There are two covers. The one shown here, which has the sleeve title 'Mr Calypso' on the front only, and one with a photograph showing an assortment of drums and a dancer, which is entitled simply 'Calypso'. The photograph version is probably the earlier.

Turkish, Spanish and Mexican Folk Songs: Cynthia Gooding
Elektra EKL 128 (Mono) - Released: 1957
Production: Jac Holzman
Sleeve:Turkish, Spanish and Mexican Folk Songs

Side 1

Turkish Folksongs

  • Saksrya
  • Ankaranin Tasin Bak
  • Eminem
  • Kâtip
  • Yashi Meral

Spanish Folksongs

  • Donde Vas Rey Alfonsito?
  • Tres Moricas - Anda Diciendo
  • Conde Olinos
  • Eres Alta y Delgada - La Molinera

Side 2

Mexican Folksongs

  • La Bamba
  • La Llorona
  • El Palo Verde
  • Rosita Alvirez
  • Román Castillo
  • El Tecolote
  • General Felipe Angeles
  • Que Linda Está La Mañana

This album takes tracks from EKLP 6 (Turkish and Spanish Folk Songs) and EKLP 8 (Mexican Folk Songs).

Badmen, Heroes and Pirate Songs: Ed McCurdy, Oscar Brand, Jack Elliot and Dick Wilder
Elektra EKL 129 (Mono) - Released: 1957
Sleeve:Badmen, Heroes and Pirate Songs

Side 1


  • Bold Turpin (McC)
  • Pretty Boy Floyd (JE)
  • Jim Fisk (OB)
  • Jesse James (JE)
  • Robin Hood and The Bold Pedlar (McC)


  • Charles Guiteau (JE)
  • Billy The Kid (OB)
  • Quantrell (McC)

Side 2 - Pirate Songs and Ballads - Dick Wilder

  • The Bold Princess Royal
  • The Romantic Pirate
  • Henry Martyn
  • The Female Warrior
  • Captain Kidd
  • The Female Smuggler
  • High Barbaree
  • Bold Manning

This album combines tracks from EKLP 16 (Badmen and Heroes) and EKLP 18 (Pirate Songs and Ballads).

Festival In Haiti: Jean Léon Destiné and ensemble
Elektra EKL 130 (Mono)
Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: Jac Holzman
Sleeve:Festival In Haiti

Side 1

  • Déclaration Paysanne
  • Pétro-Quita
  • Shango
  • Pennywhistle Fantasie
  • Solé Oh!
  • Caille la Craké

Side 2

  • Méringue
  • Macaya Gimbo
  • Dié, Dié, Dié
  • Mascaron-Pignitte
  • Ayanman Ibo

Reissue of EKL 30.

Queen Of Hearts: Cynthia Gooding
Elektra EKL 131 (Mono)
Production: Jac Holzman
Sleeve:Queen Of Hearts

Side 1

  • The Queen of Hearts
  • O, Mother, Go And Make My Bed
  • Through The Groves
  • The Twa Sisters
  • My Only Jo and Dearie, O
  • Queen Eleanor's Confession

Side 2

  • The Lowlands Of Holland
  • Once I Had A Sweetheart
  • The Green Bushes
  • Strawberry Fair
  • I Will Give My Love an Apple
  • The Banks of Green Willow
  • The Sprig Of Thyme
  • Mary Hamilton (The Four Maries)
  • The May-Day Carol

Album subtitle on cover, and title on label of some versions: 'Early English Folk Songs'. Most of these tracks are also on EKLP 11.

Folk Songs Of Israel: Theodore Bikel
Elektra EKL 132 (Mono) EKS 7132 (Stereo)
Production: Jac Holzman
Sleeve:Folk Songs Of Israel

Side 1

  • Dodi Li
  • Mi Barechev
  • Hechalil
  • Ptsach Bazemer
  • Orcha Bamidbar
  • Oozy Vezimrat Yah
  • Karev Yom
  • Shech Abrek
  • Sooka Bakerem

Side 2

  • Sissoo Vesimchoo
  • El Ginat Egoz
  • Avra, Avra
  • Shomer Ma Milel
  • Hana'ava Babanot
  • Ana Pana' Dodech
  • Shim'oo Shim'oo
  • Ada
  • Lyla Lyla

'2nd Edition' only

  • Shir Habokrim

A somewhat confusing disc as there are two versions with the same catalogue number and the same cover but with different tracks and a different recording.

This original version of the album uses tracks from EKL 32 with new ones added. The instrumentation was simple on the first recording, with Theo singing (sometimes double-tracked) and playing guitar and with occasional 'ethnic' drums. For the second version there is a fuller arrangement including proper bass and a flute.

The stereo version of the album was described as the '2nd Edition' and the matrix is inscribed this way. The new version was recorded in 1961 according to Theo's new sleeve notes.

The track order differs between the two editions (the one given here is for the first edition) and the English transliteration differs slightly too: for example 'Layla' in the second edition was 'Lyla' in the first edition and on EKL 32. 'Shir Habokrim' is an addition for the second edition and two tracks from the first - 'Ada' and 'Arava, Arava' - are omitted. I have a supposedly mono version of the second edition, or perhaps more accurately a later first edition mono disc in a second edition cover. I have no idea whether this is a one-off or not, but the stereo version had faded away agin by the late 60s and we were back to the first one in mono although the new transliterations were kept.

While the cover of the 10-inch edition of the disc featured a line drawing and emphasised the album's title over Theodore Bikel's name, by now Theo was a big-enough draw to deserve better billing ... or at least larger type! For the new sleeve the drawing was replaced by a photo of a girl in work clothes, marching happily across a field with a hoe over her shoulder. This was an image of a new Israel to replace what seems like a snake charmer on the original. Elektra received many enquires asking who the girl was and what kibbutz she was on. In fact she was a model and the field was in Long Island. Elektra's function as a match-maker was therefore short-lived.

Shep Ginandes Sings Folksongs: Shep Ginandes
Elektra EKL 133 (Mono) - Released: 1958
Production: Jac Holzman
Sleeve:Shep Ginandes Sings Folksongs

Side 1

  • Bolakins
  • The Two Brothers
  • Miss Bailey
  • The Wife Of Usher's Well
  • The Anarchistic Garret
  • Mattie Groves

Side 2

  • Le Cantonnier
  • En el Salón
  • V'la Le Bon Vent
  • Brizhki
  • Trois Bateliers
  • Der Rebbe Elimelech
  • Le Joli Matelot
  • Las Mananitas
  • La Claire Fontaine
  • Je fais Pipi

This disc was a 'reissue' of an LP Shep produced himself sometime earlier. The notes are ambiguous as to whether the songs were re-recorded for the Elektra version or the original tapes were remastered.

The original LP was numbered 5248 without any label branding and has a different cover to the Elektra issue. The tracks seem to be the same (I've seen a listing but not listened to the LP) except that the first track on side two is called 'La Route de Louviers' on the label and 'Le Cantonnier' on the sleeve. The song is about a roadmender and the state of the roads near the town of Louviers and the word cantonnier translates to 'a labourer on a road or railway' in English.

In the notes to a Rhino compilation of Tom Lehrer's recordings, Tom credits Shep with advising him on the early Lehrer albums, which were also private recordings.

Four French Horns Plus Rhythm: Four French Horns Plus Rhythm
Elektra EKL 134 (Mono) EKS 7134 (Stereo) - Released: September 1958
Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: David Hancock and Leonard Ripley
Recorded: Carl Fischer Concert Hall
Sleeve:Four French Horns Plus Rhythm

Side 1

  • Four Men on a Horn
  • Come Rain or Come Shine
  • On the Alamo
  • Blues for Milt
  • Lobo Nocho

Side 2

  • Moods in Motion
  • I Want to be Happy
  • Wilhelmine
  • Worthington Valley

This disc was the brainchild of New York Jazz Quartet accordian player Mat Matthews and the musicans include his NYJQ guitarist colleague Joe Puma. The other musicians are Julius Watkins, David Amram, Fred Klein and Tony Miranda on french horns, Milt Hinton on bass and Osie Johnson on drums.

Also released in Stereo as EKL 234-X and on stereo tape; tape release was December 1st 1957.

This was one of a number of discs that Elektra licensed on to Savoy Records and it became Savoy MG 12173.

Here We Go Baby: Glenn Yarbrough
Elektra EKL 135 (Mono) - Released: 1958
Production: Jac Holzman
Alternate sleeve:Here We Go BabySleeve:Here We Go Baby

Side 1

  • Rich Gal, Poor Gal
  • Spanish Is A Loving Tongue
  • Hey, Jim Along
  • Johnny I Hardly Knew You
  • All My Sorrows
  • Hard Ain't It Hard
  • All Through The Night

Side 2

  • Here We Go Baby
  • Turtle Dove
  • Goodbye My Lover
  • One More River
  • Sailor's Grave
  • Wasn't That A Mighty Day
  • House Of The Rising Sun
  • This Land Is Your Land

Earlier copies of this have a sleeve title of 'Here We Go Baby' and have a cover photo of a couple on a fairground ride, while later ones change to a picture of Glenn crouching down by a guitar case and are eponymous (or 'Songs by ...' depending on whether you read the front or back of the sleeve. It may be that the title and photo intimated that this was a rock and roll album rather than folk ... hence the change.

This recording was admitted to be 'a distinct departure for Elektra' in moving away from traditional folk. On various tracks Glenn is accompanied by a chorus and orchestra, by the Shanty Boys (described as a skiffle group), Josh White and by himself.

Glenn was a contemporary of Jac Holzman at St John's College in Maryland and the first ever Holzman record - a 78 on Stratford Records - was of Glenn singing 'Follow the Drinking Gourd'.

Vibe-Rant: Teddy Charles
Elektra EKL 136 (Mono) - Released: 1957
Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: David Hancock and Leonard Ripley
Recorded: Carl Fischer Concert Hall

Side 1

  • Old Devil Moon
  • Skylark
  • No More Nights

Side 2

  • How Deep Is The Ocean
  • Arlene
  • Blues Become Elektra

With Idrees Sulieman (trumpet), Mal Waldron (paino), Addison Farmer (bass) and Jerry Segal (drums).

This disc is one of the rarities and features another nicely observed photographic device - on a par with the Sabicas hands shot. Presumably lights on the ends of Teddy's hammers provide the trails as he plays the vibraphone. The trails were recorded in darkness on a time exposure and the shot was finished off with a burst of flash.

The sleeve notes say that the recordings were made using just two bi-directional ribbon microphones noting that this kind of microphone was 'generally considered obsolete' at the time. (Not in the BBC they weren't!)

Also issued on stereo tape on December 1st 1957, but the only copy of that I've seen was titled 'Vibe-Rations' and only included two tracks: 'Old Devil Moon' and 'Skylark'.

This was one of a number of discs that Elektra licensed on to Savoy Records and it became Savoy MG 12174.

Of Maids And Mistresses: Tom Kines
Elektra EKL 137 (Mono) - Released: 1957
Production: Jac Holzman
Sleeve:Of Maids And Mistresses

Side 1

  • Peg O'Ramsay
  • Corydon and Phyllis
  • Elsie Marley
  • The Cumberland Lass
  • The Merchant and the Fidler's Wife
  • A Maid Goin' To Comber
  • The Brisk Young Widow
  • The Palatine's Daughter

Side 2

  • There Was An Oul' Woman In Our Town
  • Banks Of The Virgie-O
  • Star of the County Down
  • Ye Maidens of Ontario
  • Searching for Lambs
  • The Shepherd's Daughter
  • Jezebel Carol
  • Kitty Of Coleraine

Guitar and recorder accompaniment by Fred Hellerman. A stereo version - EKL 137-X - is unconfirmed and perhaps spurious although there is a stereo version of 'A Maid Goin' to Comber' on SMP-4X, 'Around the World in Stereo', and the sleeve of that sampler mentions the stereo copy of 137.

Delta Rhythm Boys Sing: Delta Rhythm Boys
Elektra EKL 138 (Mono) - Released: 1957
Production: Jac Holzman
Sleeve:Delta Rhythm Boys Sing

Side 1

  • S'Wonderful
  • Poor Boy
  • Saturday Night Fish Fry
  • The Riddle Song
  • There'll be Some Changes Made
  • Young Man With a Horn
  • Side by Side

Side 2

  • It Ain't Necessarily So
  • Blue Skies
  • Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
  • Cha Cha Joe
  • Something I Dreamed Last Night
  • It's All Right With Me

More Vespas on the cover - the Holzman New York transport of choice at the time.

Original Trinidad Steel Band: Original Trinidad Steel Band
Elektra EKL 139 (Mono) EKS 7139 (Stereo)
Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: Leonard Ripley
Sleeve:Original Trinidad Steel Band

Side 1

  • Steel Meringue
  • Begin the Beguine
  • Doris Thelma (disc version 1 only)
  • Amarillo
  • Autumn Leaves
  • Calypso Meringue (not disc version 1)
  • Mama Loves Mambo

Side 2 - disc version 2

  • Cheek to Cheek
  • Princess Charming
  • Anna
  • Kuky
  • Amor
  • Puerto Rican Mambo
  • Sweet and Gentle
  • Jamaica Farewell

Side 2 - versions 1 and 3

  • Cheek to Cheek
  • Princess Charming
  • Harlem Mambo
  • Amor
  • Syncopation
  • Sweet and Gentle
  • Jamaica Farewell

I had thought that there were two different configurations but I have now unearthed three (so far). The situation is further confused by my version 2 having seven tracks on side two disc but eight listed on the label. Also released in Stereo as EKL 239-X (version 1). This LP was cited in Billboard as being Elektra's first stereo LP release (with 118) on June 1st 1958 and had already been released on stereo tape on December 1st 1957.

When Dalliance Was In Flower 2: Ed McCurdy
Elektra EKL 140 (Mono) - Released: 1957
Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: Leonard Ripley
Alternate sleeve:When Dalliance Was In Flower 2Sleeve:When Dalliance Was In Flower 2

Side 1

  • Uptails All
  • Tottingham Frolic
  • A Young Man
  • A Tradesman
  • A Tenement to Let
  • The Playhouse Saint
  • The Merchant and the Fidler's Wife
  • A Virgin's Meditation

Side 2

  • Would You Have A Young Virgin?
  • The Jolly Miller
  • Of Chloe And Celia
  • A Lady So Frolic And Gay
  • My Thing Is My Own
  • The Jolly Pedlar's Pretty Thing
  • Phillis
  • To Bed To Me

Ed McCurdy, voice ; Robert Abramson, harpsichord ; LaNoue Davenport, recorders ; William Faier, guitar and banjo ; Erik Darling, solo banjo. Instead of 'The Merchant and the Fidler's Wife', Lawless lists 'Young Stephen and Phillis'. The cover exists with both light and very dark blue backgrounds to the main picture. The light blue is probably the earlier.

Jewish Folk Songs: Theodore Bikel
Elektra EKL 141 (Mono) EKS 7141 (Stereo) - Released: 1958
Production: Jac Holzman
Sleeve:Jewish Folk Songs

Side 1

  • Der Rebe Elimelech
  • Di Yontevdike Teyg
  • Sha Shtil
  • Di Ban
  • Kum Aher Du Filozof
  • Di Mezinke
  • A Sudenyu
  • Achtsik Er Un Zibetsik Zi

Side 2

  • Di Mame Iz Gegangen
  • Margaritkelech
  • Mu Asapru
  • Lomir Zich Iberbeten
  • Homentashn
  • A Chazn Oyf Shabes
  • Reyzl
  • Tumbalalayka

With orchestra: Fred Hellerman, conductor. The poster lists the Yiddish song titles in Hebrew script but the boy, to whom Theo is talking, was actually Puerto Rican.

Off-Beat Folk Songs: The Shanty Boys
Elektra EKL 142 (Mono) - Released: 1958
Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: Leonard Ripley
Sleeve:Off-Beat Folk Songs

Side 1

  • Shuckin' of the Corn
  • Sweet Potato
  • Johnson Boys
  • Rubin Ranzo
  • Oh Mona
  • Midnight Special
  • Out After Beer
  • Crying Holy

Side 2

  • Dance Boatman
  • Puttin' on the Style
  • Ezekiel
  • Home in that Rock
  • Oxtail Rag-Out
  • Walking Cane
  • Away Rio

Group-sung folk/country songs fromMike Cohen (guitar), Lionel Kilberg ('Brownie' bass) and Roger Sprung (banjo). As the cover photo show, the Brownie is an up-turned washtub to which is attached a broom handle and a piece of string. This kind of bass was a staple of 'skiffle' folk groups in the early 50s. However, the Shanties are not skiffle as they don't have a washboard and the banjo is picked rather than strummed ... even if they do include 'Puttin on the Style'!

Marilyn Child - Glenn Yarbrough Sing Folk Songs: Marilyn Child and Glenn Yarbrough
Elektra EKL 143 (Mono) - Released: 1958
Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: Leonard Ripley
Sleeve:Marilyn Child - Glenn Yarbrough Sing Folk Songs

Side 1

  • We Come For To Sing
  • Wee Cooper O'Fife
  • Lilli-I-O
  • Bound For The Promised Land
  • Weel Man The Keel Row
  • Wayfaring Stranger
  • Nickety Nack
  • Three Jolly Sailor Boys
  • Gently Johnny, My Jingalo

Side 2

  • Mary Had A Baby
  • New York Girls
  • Red River Valley
  • An Irish Fragment
  • Buffalo Boy
  • Who Killed Cock Robin?
  • Now, Let Me Fly
  • Everywhere I Look This Morning

The sleeve of the stereo sampler (SMP-4X) refers to a stereo version of this LP as Elektra 143-X and the sampler includes a stereo version of 'Gently Johnny', but the stereo version doesn't seem to have been issued.

Gene And Francesca: Gene And Francesca
Elektra EKL 144 (Mono)
Production: Jac Holzman
Sleeve:Gene And Francesca

Side 1

  • Il Est Petit
  • Turtle Dove
  • Bella Alli Vai
  • Times Are Getting Hard
  • Mi Yivneh
  • Mattie Groves

Side 2

  • Rockin' The Cradle
  • Cantando
  • A Casinha Pequenina
  • Yad Noi Nay M Ka
  • Way In The Middle Night
  • No‘l
  • Leig Ich Mir In Bet
  • Kretchma

Husband and wife Gene and Francesca Raskin sing quietly in harmony to the sound of a small guitar (and occasional Fred Hellerman's accordian). This, the sleeve notes tell us, they used to do on the deck of their yacht 'Raven' when anchored offshore. It's unashamedly 'coffee lounge' folk rather than the trad stuff, much as Nina and Frederik made popular in Europe at about the same time: but it's beautifully crafted and - as with the opening track - often great fun. Gene's sleeve notes comment: '...we must express our gratitude to Elektra, whose chief, Jac Holzman, follows the most delightful principle of patting the artists heads, bringing them coffee, and letting them do as they please'.

A stereo version was supposed to have been issued as EKL 144-X according to the sleeve of the 'Around the World in Stereo' sampler, which includes a stereo version of 'Il est Petit', but I haven't come across any trace of it. Gene was the writer of 'Those Were the Days', which was a hit for Mary Hopkin in the early days of Apple Records.

Sabicas Vol 3: Sabicas
Elektra EKL 145 (Mono)
Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: Leonard Ripley
Sleeve:Sabicas Vol 3

Side 1

  • Salinas Gaitanas (Alegrías)
  • El Limonar (Malagueña)
  • Garrotin Flamenco (garrotin)
  • Solera Gitana (Soleares)
  • Rondeña Gitana (Rodeña)
  • Fiesta de Sabicas (Bulerías)

Side 2

  • Ecos Flamencos (Seguidilla)
  • El Fandango (Fandango)
  • Temas de Farruca (Farruca)
  • Rumores Flamencos (Soleá por Bulería)
  • Aires Cartageneros (Taranta)

Sabicas (with the emphasis on the 'i' in the middle ... like Sa-bee-cas) apparently always wanted a flat fee for his recordings: even though he would have made more money from royalties (ref: Jac Holzman in 'Follow the Music').

Shalom: Oranim Zabar Israeli Troupe featuring Guela Gill
Elektra EKL 146 (Mono) EKS 7146 (Stereo)
Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: Leonard Ripley
Alternate sleeve:ShalomSleeve:Shalom

Side 1

  • Chemdati
  • Orcha Bamidbar
  • Shiru Shir
  • Zamri Tama
  • Chag Laro'e
  • Shir Eres
  • Chalil Bagalil

Side 2

  • Ma Dodech
  • Mul Har Sinai
  • Shir Hashirim
  • Shnei Orot Balail
  • Eten Bamidbar
  • Ma Yafim
  • Hafle Vafele

The troupe is referred to as OZ (The OZ Israeli Troupe) on the label and in the sleeve notes: the word Oz also means 'strong' in Hebrew. Musical director: Fred Hellerman. Unlike Theo Bikel's 'Folk Songs of Israel', the songs sung by the Troupe are 'new', like the Israeli state itself at the time. The sleeve notes (by Amita Neeman and Dov Seltzer) comment that this music is not what might be called folk song at all, because 'many of the composers are known and still alive'. But as they continue: 'Already these songs are the property of the people'.

Two sleeve variations known: both feature the same photo but the original is taken against a blue background cyc whereas on later ones the background has been cut out. Also issued in Stereo as EKL 146-X.

Unholy Matrimony: Paul Clayton
Elektra EKL 147 (Mono) - Released: 1958
Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: Leonard Ripley
Sleeve:Unholy Matrimony

Side 1

  • Stay Away From The Girls
  • The Wooden Legged Parson
  • Will The Weaver
  • Mother-In-Law Song
  • I Wish I Was Single Again
  • The Old Wife Who Wanted Spruncin'
  • The Charleston Merchant
  • Life On The Installment Plan
  • The Dumb Wife

Side 2

  • Jack The Sailor
  • The Farmer's Nagging Wife
  • The Dirty Wife
  • The Farmer's Servant
  • A Quick Way To Be Rid Of A Wife
  • The Butcher And The Tailor's Wife
  • Husband With No Courage In Him
  • I Can't Change It
  • Home, Sad Home

An easy battle between man and wife. Engineered (the audio that is) by Leonard Ripley and with Paul playing guitar and Bob Yellin on banjo and cithern. Matrix has EKL 149 crossed out which could be an error or could be a change in the catalogue number.

The Many Sides Of Sandy Paton: Sandy Paton
Elektra EKL 148 (Mono)
Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: David B Jones
Sleeve:The Many Sides Of Sandy Paton

Side 1

  • Captain Wedderburn's Courtship
  • The Wee Magic Stane
  • Katy Cruel
  • An Auld Man
  • The Overgate
  • Twa Heids
  • Auld Maid In A Garret
  • Wee Croodlin' Doo

Side 2

  • Daily Growing
  • Byker Hill
  • The Foggy Dew
  • Coming Home From The Wake
  • Wild Mountain Thyme
  • The Begging Tongue
  • I Never Go To Work
  • Children's Songs

A somewhat theatrical (if genuine) set of mostly Scottish folk songs. Additional guitar from Fred Hellerman.

Festival Gitana: Sabicas and Los Trianeros
Elektra EKL 149 (Mono) EKS 7149 (Stereo)
Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: Leonard Ripley
Alternate sleeve:Festival GitanaSleeve:Festival Gitana

Side 1

  • Bulerías
  • Taranto
  • Verdiales
  • Tientos

Side 2

  • Sevillanas
  • Fandangos
  • Soleá por Buleria
  • Martinete y Seguiriya
  • Fandangos de Huelva

Sabicas (on guitar) is joined by Enrique Montoya and Domingo Alvarado (singers) and El Niño de Alicante and Diego Castellon on guitar. Also released in Stereo as EKL 249-X

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