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Forever Changing: the Golden Age of Elektra 1963-1973 — Various Artists

Alternate sleeve:Forever Changing: the Golden Age of Elektra 1963-1973


Released: November 2006

Disc 1

  • Judy Collins: Turn Turn Turn
  • Dian & The Greenbriar Boys: He Was A Friend
  • Judy Henske: High Flying Bird
  • Bob Gibson: Dink's Song (Fare Thee Well)
  • Dick Rosmini: Casey
  • Dick Rosmini: Shady Grove
  • Dick Rosmini: Little Brown Dog
  • Koerner Ray & Glover: Linin' Track
  • Even Dozen Jug Band: Even Dozens
  • Vince Martin & Fred Neil : Wild Child In A World Of Trouble
  • 'Spider' John Koerner: Good Luck Child
  • Geoff Muldaur: Downtown Blues
  • Phil Ochs: I Ain't Marching Anymore
  • Tom Paxton: Last Thing On My Mind
  • Hamilton Camp: Pride Of Man
  • Judy Collins: Tomorrow Is A Long Time
  • Dillards & Byron Berline: Black Mountain Rag
  • Kathy Larisch & Carol McComb : Green Rocky Road
  • Phil Boroff: Cocaine
  • Richard Farina: House Un-American Activity Blues
  • David Ray: West Egg Rag
  • Maxwell Street Jimmy Davis: Two Trains Running
  • Oliver Smith: Breeze
  • Tom Rush: Joshua Gone Barbados
  • Fred Neil: Other Side To This Life
  • Dino Valente: Birdses
  • Paul Butterfield Blues Band : Blues With A Feeling
  • Doors: Moonlight Drive

Disc 2

  • Love: My Little Red Book
  • Tim Buckley: Wings
  • David Blue: So Easy She Goes By
  • Paul Butterfield Blues Band : I Got A Mind To Give Up Living
  • Pat Kilroy: Magic Carpet
  • Incredible String Band: First Girl I Loved
  • Alasdair Clayre: Invisible Backward Facing Grocer Who Rose To Fame
  • Tom Paxton: One Time And One Time Only
  • Phil Ochs: Changes
  • Judy Collins: Hard Lovin' Loser
  • Love: She Comes In Colors
  • Doors: Light My Fire
  • Clear Light: Black Roses
  • Tim Buckley: Once I Was
  • Zodiac Cosmic Sounds & Mort Garson: Virgo
  • Steve Noonan: Buy For Me The Rain
  • Eclection: Nevertheless
  • Ars Nova: Fields Of People
  • Holy Modal Rounders: Dame Fortune
  • Bamboo: Girl Of The Seasons
  • Spider' John Koerner & Willie Murphy : Magazine Lady
  • Earth Opera: Red Sox Are Winning
  • Waphphle: I Want You

Disc 3

  • Love: Alone Again Or
  • Judy Collins: Both Sides Now
  • Tom Rush: No Regrets
  • Tom Paxton: Jennifer's Rabbit
  • Incredible String Band: Swift As The Wind
  • Nico: Frozen Warnings
  • David Ackles: Down River
  • Earth Opera: Mad Lydia's Waltz
  • Tim Buckley: Sing A Song For You
  • David Stoughton: Sun Comes Up Each Day
  • Diane Hildebrand: Early Morning Blues And Greens
  • Dillards: She Sang Hymns Out Of Tune
  • Stalk-Forrest Group: Arthur Comics
  • Doors: Five To One
  • Rhinoceros: Apricot Brandy
  • Delaney & Bonnie: When The Battle Is Over
  • Lonnie Mack: Mt Healthy Blues
  • Leviathan: Flames
  • MC5: Kick Out The Jams
  • Stooges: I Wanna Be Your Dog
  • Crabby Appleton: Go Back
  • Bread: Dismal Day
  • Love: August

Disc 4

  • Stooges: Down On The Street
  • Paul Siebel: Louise
  • Judy Collins: Amazing Grace
  • Carly Simon: That's The Way I Always Heard It Should Be
  • Doors: Riders On The Storm
  • Mickey Newbury: Future's Not What It Used To Be
  • Farquahr: Start Living
  • Harry Chapin: Taxi
  • Plainsong: True Story Of Amelia Earhart
  • Wackers: I Hardly Know Her Name
  • David Ackles: Ballad Of The Ship Of State
  • Bread: Guitar Man
  • Carly Simon: You're So Vain
  • Courtland Pickett: You Don't Grow Old
  • Cyrus Faryar: Dolphins
  • Skymonters & Hamid Hamilton Camp: Shadows On The Wall
  • Dennis Linde: Burning Love
  • Queen: Keep Yourself Alive

Disc 5

  • Wind Chimes
  • Beefeaters: Don't Be Long
  • Joshua Rifkin: I'll Be Back
  • Spontaneous String Band: Ever See A Devil Uncle Joe
  • Dry City Seat Band: Baldheaded End Of The Broom
  • Joseph Spence: We Shall Be Happy
  • Lovin' Spoonful: Good Time Music
  • Paul Butterfield Blues Band : Born In Chicago
  • Eric Clapton & The Powerhouse : Crossroads
  • Judy Collins: I'll Keep It With Mine
  • Charles River Valley Boys: She's A Woman
  • Tom Rush: Sunshine Sunshine
  • Holy Modal Rounders: Bird Song
  • Clear Light: She's Ready To Be Free
  • Tim Buckley: Wayfaring Stranger
  • David Ackles: Laissez Faire
  • David Peel & The Lower East Side : Alphabet Song
  • SimonStokes & The Nighthawks : Voodoo Woman
  • Eclection: Please
  • Jack S. Margolis: Listening To Music
  • Rainbow Band: Lotus
  • Aztec Two-Step: Persecution And Restoration Of Dean Moriarty
  • Goodthunder: POW
  • Andy Roberts: All Around My Grandmother's Floor
  • Jobriath: World Without End

A 5CD boxed set, also available in a deluxe package with memorabilia and a book on Elektra's art work. This set is mainly intended for the UK market and, as a result, slightly misses Elektra's full eclecticism. But only slightly.