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The Folk Box — Various Artists

Alternate sleeve:The Folk Box

Elektra EUK 251/2 (Mono)

Released: 1966

  • Cynthia Gooding: Greensleeves
  • Ian Campbell Folk Group: Down In The Coal Mine
  • Ewan MacColl: Geordie
  • Irish Ramblers: Whiskey In The Jar
  • Susan Reed: Irish Famine Song
  • Ed McCurdy: Gypsy Laddie
  • Jean Redpath: Tae The Weavers
  • African Traveling Song
  • Navajo Night Chant
  • Gene Bluestein: Skada At America
  • New Lost City Ramblers: When First Unto This Country
  • Susan Reed: Springfield Mountain
  • Ed McCurdy: Good Old Colony Times
  • Oscar Brand: Jefferson And Liberty
  • Pete Seeger: Darling Cory
  • Jack Elliot: Jesse James
  • Leadbelly: Rock Island Line
  • Woody Guthrie: Oregon Trail
  • Erik Darling: Swannanda Tunnel
  • Ed McCurdy: Kentucky Moonshine
  • Alabama School Children: Green Green Rocky Road
  • Leadbelly: Pick A Bale Of Cotton
  • Seafarers Chorus: Haul On The Bowline
  • Pete Seeger: Paddy Works on the Railway
  • Harry Jackson: I Ride an Old Paint
  • Cisco Houston: Zebra Dun
  • Horace Sprott: Field Holler
  • Koerner, Ray and Glover: Linin' Track
  • Willer Turner: Now Your Man Done Gone
  • Josh White: Timber
  • Negro Prisoners: Grizzly Bear
  • Marilyn Child and Glenn Yarbrough: Mary had a Baby
  • Josh White: Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dyin Bed
  • Blind Willie Johnson: Dark Was the Night
  • Judy Collins: Twelve Gates To The City
  • Theodore Bikel: A Zemer
  • Glenn Yarbrough: Wayfaring Stranger
  • Ed McCurdy: Simple Gifts
  • Leadbelly: Meetin' at the Building
  • Bob Gibson: You can Tell the World
  • Christian Tabernacle Church: Down By The Riverside
  • Willy Clancy: Sligo Reel/Mountain Road
  • Eric Weissberg: Old Joe Clark
  • Clarence Ashley: Coo Coo Bird
  • Tom Paley: Shady Grove
  • Eric Weissberg and Marshall Brickman: Flop-Eared Mule
  • Jean Ritchie: Nottamun Town
  • Doc Watson and others: Amazing Grace
  • Doc Watson: Cripple Creek
  • The Dillards: Pretty Polly
  • George Pegram and Walter Parham: Yellow Rose Of Texas
  • Dián And The Greenbriar Boys: Green Corn
  • The Dillards: Old Man at the Mill
  • Sonny Terry: Lost John
  • Big Bill Broonzy: I Wonder When I'll Get To Be Called a Man
  • Leadbelly: Black Snake Moan
  • Blind Lemon Jefferson: See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
  • Hally Wood: House of the Rising Sun
  • Mark Spoelstra: France Blues
  • New Lost City Ramblers: Carter Blues
  • Dave Ray: Slappin' On My Black Cat Bone
  • Dave Van Ronk: Don't Leave Me Here
  • Josh White: Southern Exposure
  • Ed McCurdy: John Brown's Body
  • Frank Warner: Virginia's Bloody Soil
  • Theodore Bikel: Two Brothers
  • Judy Collins: Masters of War
  • Theodore Bikel: Blow the Candles Out
  • Jean Redpath: Love Is Teasin'
  • Clarence Ashley and Doc Watson: Sally Ann
  • Jean Ritchie: Little Devils
  • Limeliters: The Hammer Song
  • Woody Guthrie: This Land is Your Land
  • Pete Seeger, Almanac Singer with audience: Which Side are You On?
  • New Lost City Ramblers: No Depression in Heaven
  • Woody Guthrie: Talking Dust Bowl
  • Big Bill Broonzy: Black Brown And White
  • Oscar Brand: Talking Atomic Blues
  • Hamilton Camp: Girl From The North Country
  • Judy Collins: The Dove
  • Tom Paxton: High Sheriff Of Hazard
  • Phil Ochs: The Thresher
  • Pete Seeger: We Shall Overcome

A boxed set of 4 discs with a 48 page booklet , put together by Robert Sheldon with the assistance of Folkways Records. For the UK market the discs were pressed locally but the booklet and box were imported and stickered.

Side 1: Songs of the Old World and Migration to the New Side 2: Settling, Exploring and Growing in the New World Side 3: Work Song Side 4: Many Worshippers, One God Side 5: Country Music - From Ballads to Bluegrass Side 6: Nothing But The Blues Side 7: Of War, Love and Hope Side 8: Broadsides, Topical Songs, Protest Songs UK issue of EKL 9001.

Whereas the American version had custom labels, persumably reflecting the joint venture with Folkways, the UK release had Elektra labels.

Elektra first issued LPs in the UK through Audio Fidelity, starting in 1960, both local pressings and distribution of American product. Discs were also licensed through (and on) Pye's Golden Guinea label and, in the case of the Beefeaters single,through Pye International. Four singles, including two by Love, were licensed to London American for UK distribution around 1966. Joe Boyd arrived in London (according to Billboard ... but surely Joe was already here) to work as Elektra's UK-based production supervisor late in 1965. He was setting up a pressing and distribution deal with Decca which probably explains the London singles. Elektra finally closed its London office in 1994.

A Cold Wind Blows — Various Artists

Alternate sleeve:A Cold Wind Blows

Elektra EUK 253 (Mono)

Released: 1966

Production: Joe Boyd

  • Cyril Tawney: Five Foot Flirt
  • Alasdair Clayre, Peggy Seeger and Martin Carthy: Hawthorne Berries
  • Matt McGinn, David Speirs: Get Up, Get Out
  • Johnny Handle: Dust
  • Alasdair Clayre, Peggy Seeger: Tiny Newman
  • Matt McGinn, David Speirs: The Champagne Flows
  • Johnny Handle: The Trepanner Song
  • Cyril Tawney: Monday Morning
  • Matt McGinn, David Speirs: Mr Rising Price
  • Johnny Handle: Fill up the Pints Again
  • Alasdair Clayre: Old Man's Song
  • Matt McGinn, David Speirs: I've Packed up my Bags
  • Cyril Tawney: Sammy's Bar
  • Johnny Handle: The Old Pubs
  • Alasdair Clayre, Peggy Seeger: A Cold Wind Blows
  • Matt McGinn: Jeannie Gallacher
  • Johnny Handle: Because it Wouldn't Pay
  • Cyril Tawney: The Oggie Man

Some good 'classic' folk here, but I'll make a special mention of Cyril Tawney since this is the place to find two of his most iconic and whistful songs, 'Sammys Bar' and 'The Oggie Man'.

The Incredible String Band — Incredible String Band

Alternate sleeve:The Incredible String Band

Elektra EUK 254 (Mono) EKS 254 (Stereo)

Released: 1966

Production: Joe Boyd

Engineering: John Wood

Recorded: Sound Techniques Studio, London

Side 1

  • Maybe Someday
  • October Song
  • When The Music Starts To Play
  • Schaeffer's Jig
  • Womankind
  • The Tree
  • Whistle Tune
  • Dandelion Blues

Side 2

  • How Happy I Am
  • Empty Pocket Blues
  • Smoke Shovelling Song
  • Can't Keep Me Here
  • Good As Gone
  • Footsteps Of The Heron
  • Niggertown
  • Everything's Fine Right Now

Original UK release. Stereo copies exist numbered EKS 7254. For some reason the US version had a different cover photo. Earlier copies of this had a white label with green lettering whereas later ones reverted to a more usual orange/red label with black lettering.

Alasdair Clayre — Alasdair Clayre

Alternate sleeve:Alasdair Clayre

Elektra EUK 255 (Mono)

Released: 1967

Production: Joe Boyd and Alasdair Clayre

  • The Invisible Backwards-Facing Grocer Who Rose to Fame
  • Snow
  • Adam and the Beasts
  • Lighterman
  • Night Song
  • Tied to the Line
  • The Professor and the Girl
  • A Gentle Easy-Flowing River
  • The Gormless Maid
  • The Wayward Way
  • Irish Girl
  • Lament for a Writer
  • Old Couple Walking
  • Lullaby and Come Afloat

Some copies include a printed insert.

AMMMusic — AMM

Alternate sleeve:AMMMusic

Elektra EUK 256 (Mono) EUKS 7256 (Stereo)

Released: 1967

Production: Harry Davis and Jac Holzman

Side 1

  • Later During a Flaming Riviera Sunset

Side 2

  • After Rapidly Circling the Plaza

Improvised 'electronic' music using both conventional instruments and 'found' sounds. It was, and presumably still is, unusual to carry out live performances of electronic musical forms and in the pre-sampler days such music was painstakingly assembled using cut-and-paste tape techniques. The group included Cornelius Cardew and there is a photo of Jac on the sleeve (looking rather bemused by the whole affair). This is a rare Holzman cameo appearance on an Elektra sleeve ... apart from one of the early 70s liners ... the others (AFAIK) are on the first Dalliance Cover and Theo Bikel's 'Songs of a Russian Gypsy'.. There were other pieces recorded at the same performance: Ailantus Glandulosa; In the Realm of Nothing Whatever; What Is There in Uselessness to Cause You Distress?; Silence ... these and the tracks on this album were all brought together on a CD reissue.

It is possible that all copies were stereo with mono matrix numbers but this is unconfirmed.

The 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion — Incredible String Band

Alternate sleeve:The 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion

Elektra EUK 257 (Mono) EUKS 257 (Stereo)

Released: 1967

Production: Joe Boyd

Side 1

  • Chinese White
  • No Sleep Blues
  • Painting Box
  • The Mad Hatters Song
  • Little Cloud
  • The Eyes Of Fate

Side 2

  • Blues For The Muse
  • The Hedgehog's Song
  • First Girl I Loved
  • You Know What You Could Be
  • My Name Is Death
  • Gently Tender
  • Way Back In The 1960's

Later UK copies have catalogue number EKS 7257 although the matrix (at least on the copy seen) has the EUKS prefix. US release on EKS 74010.

The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter — Incredible String Band

Alternate sleeve:The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter

Elektra EUK 258 (Mono) EUKS 258 (Stereo)

Released: 1968

Production: Joe Boyd

  • Koeeaddi There
  • The Minotaur's Song
  • Witches Hat
  • A Very Cellular Song
  • Mercy I Cry City
  • Waltz of the New Moon
  • The Water Song
  • Three is a Green Crown
  • Swift as the Wind
  • Nightfall

Later UK copies have the catalogue number EKS 7258. US release on EKS 74021.

Fantastic Folk — Various Artists

Alternate sleeve:Fantastic Folk

Elektra EUK 259 (Mono)

Released: 1968

  • Phil Ochs: Hills of West Virginia
  • Tom Paxton: Bottle of Wine
  • Martin & Neil: Dade County Jail
  • Mark Spoelstra: France Blues
  • Incredible String Band: Maybe Someday
  • Dave Ray: Baby Please Don't Go
  • Hamilton Camp: Girl of the North Country
  • Judy Collins: Pack up your Sorrows
  • Spider John Koerner: Duncan and Brady
  • Charles River Valley Boys: I've Just Seen a Face
  • David Blue: So Easy She Goes By
  • Tom Rush: On the Road Again

Good Time Music — Various Artists

Alternate sleeve:Good Time Music

Elektra EUK 260 (Mono) EUKS 260 (Stereo)

Released: 1967

  • Paul Butterfield Blues Band: Spoonful
  • Paul Butterfield Blues Band: Off The Wall
  • Paul Butterfield Blues Band: Lovin' Cup
  • Paul Butterfield Blues Band: Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
  • Paul Butterfield Blues Band: One More Mile
  • Eric Clapton and The Powerhouse: I Want To Know
  • Eric Clapton and The Powerhouse: Cross Roads
  • Eric Clapton and The Powerhouse: Steppin' Out
  • Lovin' Spoonful: Good Time Music
  • Lovin' Spoonful: Almost Grown
  • Lovin' Spoonful: Don't Bank On It Baby
  • Lovin' Spoonful: Searchin'
  • Al Kooper: Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes
  • Tom Rush: I'm In Love Again

This is an early UK release of 'What's Shakin'' - EKS 74002 - presumably issued to match the psychedelic house style of the other EUK compilations. The disc was soon superceded by local copies of EKL 4002/EKS 74002.

Select Elektra — Various Artists

Alternate sleeve:Select Elektra

Elektra EUK 261 (Mono) EUKS 261 (Stereo)

Released: 1968

  • The Doors: Light my Fire
  • Love: She Comes in Colours
  • Tom Paxton: Leaving London
  • Cosmic Sounds: Aries
  • Incredible String Band: First Girl I Loved
  • Tim Buckley: Morning Glory
  • Clear Light: Black Roses
  • Judy Collins: Suzanne
  • Tom Rush: Shadow Dream Song
  • Butterfield Blues Band: Born in Chicago
  • Earth Opera: Home of the Brave

This disc features an amazingly psychedelic sleeve design and liner notes by top UK DJ John Peel, whose manager coincidentally was head of Elektra in the UK at the time. It seems that Jac Holzman was not over enthusiastic about Elektra UK's release of compilations with 'colourful' sleeves but the tactic was chosen to try to give Elektra some identity in the UK market.

Begin Here — Various Artists

Alternate sleeve:Begin Here

Elektra EUKS 262 (Stereo)

Released: 1969

Side 1

  • David Peel and the Lower East Side: The Alphabet Song
  • Nico: Lawns of Dawn
  • David Ackles: Be My Friend
  • The Incredible String Band: Mercy, I Cry, City
  • Love: Your Mind and we Belong Together
  • Tom Paxton: Talking Vietnam Pot Luck Blues

Side 2

  • Love: Laughing Stock
  • Tim Buckley: Phantasmagoria in Two
  • Eclection: Confusion
  • Fred Neil: Handful of Gimme
  • The Holy Modal Rounders: Dame Fortune

Possibly the most boring Elektra sleeve design ever! This was another Elektra UK attempt to show how good the catalogue was: the sleeve notes are brim full with praise of the artists from the music and other press. However, I'm not sure that describing David Peel and co as being "like the Fugs only without their literary qualities" was a compliment or not.

Love had a cult following in the UK, hence the inclusion of both sides of the final 'original line-up' single on this compilation. Some copies include a poster.

Selections from Forever Changing — Various Artists

Alternate sleeve:Selections from Forever Changing

Elektra/Rhino EUKS 263 (Stereo)

Released: October 2006

  • Judy Henske: High Flying Bird
  • Tom Rush: Joshua Gone Barbados
  • Fred Neil: Other Side to this Life
  • Judy Collins: Hard Lovin' Loser
  • Love: She Comes in Colours
  • Eclection: Nevertheless
  • Tim Buckley: Sing a Song for You
  • The Dillards: She Sang Hymns Out of Tune
  • Bread: Dismal Day
  • Paul Siebel: Louise
  • Carly Simon: That's the Way I've Always Heard it Should be
  • Cyrus Faryar: Dolphins
  • Paul Butterfield Blues Band: East-West

A promotional CD for the massively comprehensive 'Forever Changing' boxed set of CDs. A cheeky but inspired piece of fandom was to give it the next EUKS number in the sequence.

According to the sleeve the recordings on the CD (referred to as 'this artyfact') were 'created prior to the mastering process' which, I assume, means that this disc was produced in advance of the careful retransferring of the tracks for the box set itself and may therefore not be of the same quality.

'East-West' is not listed on the packaging.

Elektra radio station promo — Clive Selwood and Mike Hales

Alternate sleeve:Elektra radio station promo

Elektra PRO 5 (Stereo)

Released: 1970

Side 1

  • Bread, Dorothy Morrison, Simon Stokes and the Nighthawks, Delaney & Bonnie, Roxy

Side 2

  • Judy Collins, Tom Paxton, Incredible String Band, Dillards, David Frye, Pail Siebel, Lonnie Mac

Double-sided single. A selection of new release extracts presented by Clive Selwood and Mike Hales (who were executives at Elektra UK and Polydor) to try to get British DJs (other than John Peel) to play Elektra recordings.

Patrick Kavanagh at the King's Head — John Welsh and Patrick Magee

Alternate sleeve:Patrick Kavanagh at the King's Head

Elektra K 32003 (Stereo)

Released: 1973

Production: Jonathan Clyde and Alan A Freeman

  • JW: On Raglan Road
  • PM: Dark Ireland
  • JW: Inniskeen Road
  • PM: Stony Grey Soil
  • JW: Plough Horses
  • JW: Come Dance with Kitty Stobling
  • PM: Shancoduff
  • PM: From the Great Hunger (Section 1)
  • JW: Innocence
  • JW: Irish Stew
  • JW: Kerr's Ass
  • PM: To the Man After the Harrow
  • PM: Who Killed James Joyce?
  • JW: Spraying the Potatoes
  • PM: Rowley Mile (The)
  • PM: War and Peace
  • PM: Reading from Collected Prose: 'Self Portrait'
  • JW: From the Great Hunger (II)
  • PM: On Looking Into E V Rieu's Homer
  • PM: I Had a Future
  • JW: Gold Watch
  • PM: Memory of my Father
  • JW: Christmas Childhood (A)
  • PM: Epic
  • PM: Sanctity
  • JW: Hospital
  • PM: Lines Witten on a Seat ...
  • JW: Canal Bank Walk
  • PM: News Item
  • JW: If You Ever Go To Dublin Town
  • JW: Thank You, Thank You (Epilogue)

Recorded at the King's Head, Islington (a Public House for the non-Brits among you). The poems here are taken from Mr Kavanagh's Collected Poems published in 1964. The final track, called 'Epilogue' on the sleeve and 'Thank You, Thank You' on the label, was recorded in the studio for the record release.

Jonathan Clyde, who co-produced the record, was label manager for Elektra in the UK at the time. Alan A Freeman is not the famous English DJ of almost the same name.

Brand New Day — Dorothy Morrison

Alternate sleeve:Brand New Day

Elektra K 42094 (Stereo)

Released: 1971

Production: Lewis Merenstein for Inherit Productions

Side 1

  • Hi De Ho (That Old Sweet Roll)
  • Top of the Mountain
  • Fire and Rain
  • (The) Border Song
  • Brand New Day

Side 2

  • Black California
  • Spirit in the Sky
  • Peace Brother Peace
  • Can You Believe
  • Get High on Jesus

Dorothy was the lead singer on the famous 'Oh Happy Day' recording by the Edwin Hawkins Singers. I have to admit that I have no idea why this disc was released on Elektra in the UK but on Buddha BDS 6067 in the USA. The American release is dated 1970.

Both Sides Now — Judy Collins

Alternate sleeve:Both Sides Now

Elektra K 42098 (Stereo)

Released: 1971

Side 1

  • Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
  • Since you Asked
  • Both Sides Now
  • My Father
  • Someday Soon
  • Suzanne
  • In my Life

Side 2

  • Who Knows Where the Time Goes
  • I Think it's Going to Rain Today
  • Sunny Goodge Street
  • I Pity the Poor Immigrant
  • Sisters of Mercy
  • Albatross
  • Hey, That's no way to Say Goodbye

A UK compilation which does not include 'Amazing Grace'.

Jugalbandi — John Barham and Ashish Khan

Alternate sleeve:Jugalbandi

Elektra K 42129 (Stereo)

Released: 1973

Production: John Barham

  • Jugalbandi (Duet)
  • Nat Bhairav
  • Brindavani Tilang
  • Marwa
  • Mishra-Kalavati
  • Nat Bhairav
  • Ragmala
  • Mishra Jhaptal

John Barham is a jazz musician who worked with George Harrison (who in turn wrote sleeve notes for this album ... as did Ravi Shankar). This disc is an Indo-European fusion.

Now we are Three — Plainsong

Elektra K 42136 (Stereo)

Production: Sandy Roberton and Plainsong

  • Old Man at the Mill
  • Urban Cowboy
  • The Fault
  • Swinging Doors
  • Keep on Sailing
  • Miss the Mississippi
  • Home
  • The First Girl I loved
  • Save Your Sorrows
  • Nobody Eats at Linebaugh's Any More
  • The Goodnight Lovin' Trail
  • All Around My Grandmother's Floor

Test pressings exist of this finished, but unreleased, second Plainsong album but, AFAIK, no sleeve has surfaced. Iain told me that they did have artwork (based on Shepherd's Pooh artwork I think) for approval but it was never sent to Elektra in Los Angeles and would seem to be lost. Most of the tracks appeared on Ian and Andy's albums and 'Goodnight Lovin' Trail' appeared on the UK Elektra sampler 'The One That Got Away'. The plain white sleeve on my copy says 'Plainsong 3' as the title (no Plainsong 2 of course).

Urban Cowboy — Andy Roberts

Alternate sleeve:Urban Cowboy

Elektra K 42139 (Stereo)

Released: 1973

Production: Sandy Roberton

  • Charlie
  • Big City Tension
  • New Kerenski
  • Urban Cowboy
  • Elaine
  • Home at Last
  • All Aroung my Grandmother's Floor
  • Richmond
  • Baby, Baby
  • Poison Apple Lady

Although a Londoner, Andy Roberts was a sidekick of the Liverpool poets and was a member of the band The Liverpool Scene in the 1960s. He was later part of Plainsong, and when Ian Matthews went off to the US Andy went solo for a while.

Andy Roberts and the Great Stampede — Andy Roberts

Alternate sleeve:Andy Roberts and the Great Stampede

Elektra K 42151 (Stereo)

Released: 1973

Production: Sandy Roberton

  • Speed Well
  • Clowns on the Road
  • Lord of the Groves
  • Bottom of the Garden
  • Kid Jealousy
  • The Great Stampede
  • High Time
  • Home in the Sun
  • (53 Miles from) Spanish Town

I am possibly biased as Andy was a mate at the time, but this is a cracking good album.

New Magic in a Dusty World — Various Artists

Alternate sleeve:New Magic in a Dusty World

Elektra K 22002 (Stereo)

Released: 1971

  • Harry Chapin: Could You Put Your Light On Please?
  • Veronique Sanson: Amoureuse
  • Bread: Baby I'm A-Want You
  • Carly Simon: That's the Way I've Always Heard it Should Be
  • Micky Newbury: An American Trilogy
  • Judy Collins: Amazing Grace
  • The Doors: Hardwood Floor
  • Plainsong: Yo-Yo Man
  • Casey Kelly: Poor Boy
  • The Ship: The Man
  • Goodthunder: Sentries
  • Aztec Two-Step: Persecution and Restoration of Dean Moriarty (On the Road)
  • Curt Boetcher: The Choice is Yours

A budget-priced UK sampler LP. The label boringly gives the titles as just this: Elektra Sampler. The sleeve title, showing the newly-introduced butterfly, is better. The disc was issued as part of a campaign to repromote Elektra in the UK at the time the buttterfly label was introduced. Plainsong had been signed and their first album was part of the push so, for once, Elektra had a British face to promote.

The One That Got Away — Various Artists

Alternate sleeve:The One That Got Away

Elektra K 22005 (Stereo)

Released: 1973

  • Don Agrati: Bloodstream
  • David Gates: Clouds
  • Andy Roberts: The Great Stampede
  • Judy Collins: The Hostage
  • Dennis Coulson: What Went Wrong
  • The Doors: Riders on the Storm
  • Dennis Linde: Hello I Am Your Heart
  • Ian Matthews: These Days
  • Court Pickett: Sad Thing
  • Carly Simon: You're So Vain
  • Stardrive: Rushes
  • Plainsong: Goodnight Loving Trail

Garden of Delights — Various Artists

Alternate sleeve:Garden of Delights

Elektra ESP 9001 (Stereo)

Released: 1972

  • Love: Alone Again Or
  • Bamboo: Girl of the Seasons
  • Koerner-Murphy: Magazine Lady
  • Gulliver: Rose Come Home
  • Zodiac: Aquarius
  • Tim Buckley: Morning Glory
  • Earth Opera: Home to You
  • Incredible String Band: Air
  • Delaney & Bonnie: In the Ghetto
  • Tom Paxton: Mr Blue
  • Roxy: Love Love Love
  • Lonnie Mack: Why
  • Paul Siebel: She Made me Lose my Blues
  • Farquar: Start Living
  • Eric Clapton: Crossroads Blues
  • Stooges: Real Cool Time
  • Butterfield Blues Band: In My Own Dream
  • Tom Ruch: Circle Game
  • Bread: It Don't Matter to Me
  • Rhinoceros: Apricot Brandy
  • David Ackles: Down River
  • Crabby Appleton: To All My Friends
  • Voices of East Harlem: No, No, No
  • Judy Collins: Someday Soon

Double album released in UK and Japan. Japanese number is SJET-9513-4. The discs are not the same as those in the triple US promotional release of the same name, but the sleeve design is essentially the same.

Lord of the Dance — Sydney Carter

Alternate sleeve:Lord of the Dance

Elektra EPK 801 (Mono)

Released: 1966

Production: Joe Boyd

  • Lord of the Dance
  • Bitter was the Night
  • The Devil Wore a Crucifix
  • Son of Man
  • George Fox

7-inch EP released in the UK only. Includes Martin Carthy on guitar (one of his first appearances on vinyl) and vocals by the Mike Sammes Singers.

Lord of the Dance is reputed to be the most-performed copyright hymn - Carter wrote the words to a traditional tune - and has nothing whatsoever to do with Irish dancing. George Fox was the founder of the Quaker movement.

Tom Paxton — Tom Paxton

Alternate sleeve:Tom Paxton

Elektra EPK 802 (Mono)

Released: 1967

Production: Paul Rothchild

  • The Marvellous Toy
  • Beau John
  • Deep Fork River
  • My Dog's Bigger than your Dog

7-inch EP released in the UK only.